Hema Malini Travels By Mumbai Metro & Leaves Passengers Starstruck. Watch!

by Sanjana Shenoy
Hema Malini Travels By Mumbai Metro & Leaves Passengers Starstruck. Watch!

Picture this, you just hopped on the Mumbai metro to Juhu and turned around only to spot legendary actress Hema Malini sitting near you. This is exactly what metro goers experienced this Tuesday, who were caught off-guard and had a fan moment on discovering their fellow passenger was none other than India’s Dream Girl. Read on to know about an interesting day in Hema Malini’s life when she ditched her luxurious car for a metro and then an auto.

Hema Malini Takes The Mumbai Metro To Beat Traffic

Hema Malini has many feathers in her cap — she is a talented actress, Indian classical dancer and also a BJP MP from Mathura. So, it isn’t a surprise that the actor usually prefers to travel by her own private vehicle. But it’s certainly a surprise to spot her commuting in the Mumbai metro. On April 11, Hema Malini took to Twitter to share her unique and wonderful experience.

The actress reveals in a tweet that she drove 2 hours to reach Dahisar by car and found it tiring. So, she decided to take the metro itself. Hema Malini found it to be an utterly joyful experience to travel by Mumbai Metro. She described it as clean, and fast and said she reached Juhu in just 30 minutes. The Dream Girl also shared pictures of her Mumbai metro experience on Twitter.

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She Takes Her Adventures To Another Level & Hitches An Auto

Dressed in a comfy pink shirt and white trousers, with a black purse slung around her waist, she poses with the security personnel and takes the escalator to reach the platform. In another tweet, the veteran actress shares a short video of her experience inside the metro. Evidently, passengers are starstruck and many rushes towards her for selfies. Others respectfully and shyly greet her.

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In an adventurous mood, Hema Malini decided that after her metro experience, she should hitch an auto from DN Nagar to Juhu. She took the auto right to her home, leaving both the security guard and the auto driver dazed. But all in all, the actress admitted to having a wonderful, pleasurable experience. She even shot a video from inside the auto, and that’s proof enough of how much she enjoyed herself thoroughly.

What would you do if your co-passenger is a celebrity?

Cover Image Courtesy: @dreamgirlhema/ Twitter