Twitter User Shares Pic Of Boy Travelling In Mumbai Metro With His Cycle; Netizens Applauds!

by Shreya Rathod
Twitter User Shares Pic Of Boy Travelling In Mumbai Metro With His Cycle; Netizens Applauds!

In Mumbai, it is nearly impossible to drive anywhere. The use of huge public vehicles benefits the environment and uses less fuel. Nonetheless, many metro train commuters rely on auto-rickshaws for connectivity in the final stretch. In such cases, it is convenient to cycle and Mumbai Metro has a parking spot for it too! This Twitter user shares a pic of a boy sitting with his cycle in the metro.

Twitter User Shares Pic Of Boy With Cycle In The Mumbai Metro!

A young man who commutes every day on the Mumbai Metro uses his bicycle to go to his tutoring sessions. The boy’s picture was posted by a Twitter user who is a former IAS officer R A Rajeev. The bicycle is parked next to the youngster in the prescribed location, and he is seen sitting on a seat with his helmet on.

He wrote that the little boy commutes daily in the Mumbai Metro to attend school. And he parks his cycle with ease and it was a pleasing sight. In addition to this, he was easily using the metro services.

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Netizens’ Reaction To This Tweet

Netizens are applauding the Mumbai Metro for offering comfortable travel. One of the users wrote: “Carrying a cycle is at least free in the metro, but using a local railway would cost you about ₹200. By introducing a separate carriage for cyclists, the local train should promote cycling and he believes it would inspire a lot of people.”

Another user wrote: “Extremely assured and conscious of the ease and effectiveness. We only hope that he cycles without being bothered or scared by autos, cars, or heavy vehicles as he travels safely to his destination and returns and it is important to respect cyclists.”

With autos, bikes and cars, the number of cyclists is reducing day by day. By introducing a parking spot for bicycles in the metro, the authorities have assured everyone that using it won’t be an inconvenience.

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If you are also a cyclist and travelling by Mumbai Metro, you don’t have to give up on your cycle! Comment below and tell us if you have taken a cycle in the metro.

Cover Image Courtesy: R. A. Rajeev/ Twitter & Media Library