After 12 Years, Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 To Start From April; CIDCO Confirms

by Shreya Ghosh
After 12 Years, Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 To Start From April; CIDCO Confirms

People of Navi Mumbai, we have some exciting news for you. Your city is all set to operate Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 in April 2023. This new line is connecting Belapur with Pendhar and it will start its services very soon, according to a report by Hindustan Times. City and Industrial Development Corporation recently shared updates on the present situation of the Navi Mumbai Metro line 1. The project on other stations is almost at the last phase.

CIDCO States That Navi Mumbai Metro Line 1 Will Start Operating In April

Kharghar Civic took to its Twitter account (@KhargharCivic) to share details about the Navi Mumbai Metro. To know all about the plans of CIDCO and more, take a look at the tweet here.

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With 11 stations, this line is 11.1 km between Belapur to Pendha. All the stations on this line are:

  • Belapur
  • Central Park
  • Panchnand
  • Pendhar Terminal
  • Pethapada
  • Science Park
  • Sector 7 Belapur
  • Sector 11 Kharghar
  • Sector 14 Kharghar
  • Sector 34 Kharghar
  • Utsav Chowk

There are 2 traction sub-stations as well.

  • Panchanand
  • Kharghar

Navi Mumbai metro line 1 also comes with a depot in Taloja for maintenance purposes.

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All You Need To Know About The Metro Lines:

Not all metro stations have been constructed completely yet. Many are undergoing development in the last phases. Not only just Navi Mumbai metro line 1, but Detailed Project Reports have also received confirmation for Line 2 and Line 3. Lastly, the Detailed Project Report for line 4 has not been approved yet. Navi Mumbai metro construction is taking place at a budget of ₹3,063.63 crores. CIDCO stated that this budget is coming from excess internal accruals. This project is not taking any other support to fund it.

The project for the Navi Mumbai Metro began over a decade ago. Back in May 2011, the project for the metro started. Prithviraj Chavan, the former Chief Minister of Maharashtra started the construction process. The Bhoomi pujan for this new beginning took place in Kharghar.

So, people of Navi Mumbai, are you ready to take the first metro ride?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ CIDCO Ltd (@CIDCO_Ltd