Here Are Best Weekend Getaways To Make Your First Karva Chauth Extra Special

by Vidisha Khaitan
Here Are Best Weekend Getaways To Make Your First Karva Chauth Extra Special

Forgot to get your bae a Karva Chauth gift? Want to do something special? Is your better half mad at you? Don’t worry, whatever it is, we got you. Recreate your wedding memories with minimum planning and maximum reward because we just did it for you. These last-minute romantic destinations are bound to lift up your life partner’s mood. We’ve got the perfect long weekend plans jotted down. All you must do is pick one.

Train Trip

Karva Chauth
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Spontaneity becomes more and more the need of the hour as years go by. You can speak the truth here. Between work and life, there’s hardly ever time to think about vacations. We all want to go but do we really want to organize? You don’t and that’s okay because we have. Head towards the pink city, cross it over to Jaisalmer, the ‘Golden City’. This is the best time to go because good season just began. Thar desert is made for couples who are just looking for a place to forget home at home. Sand dunes, forts, festivals, art, music, safari and palaces, tell us what could possibly be missing from this romantic getaway.

Weekend in the big city

Karva Chauth
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Spend your Karva Chauth weekend in bright lights and late nights. Experience the party scene and spend a luxurious weekend bar hopping with bae for a last-minute comfy plan. Short vacations are underrated. Once you spend all night at Marine Drive with your favourite person, sunrise will mean a whole other thing. Bombae is the country’s most loved party city with a place in every lane that serves weekend vibes every day of the week. Go to fort area for a romantic walk and heritage lunch at Britannica. Then head to Bandra to dance all night, finally ending up at Marine Drive.

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Beach bliss

Karva Chauth
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Run off to the sun, sand and sea vibes, just you and your person. Whisk your boo off their feet with the most romantic of romantic getaways. Remember, bikinis are involved. Have your lover run sunscreen on your back as you sip pina coladas. Fasting should be rewarded right? Goa is a not so surprising but ace beach bliss option with an array of stays available best suited to your preference. Go ahead and book now, not that you could be even more late. Don’t worry, there’s always a way to get to Goa.

Adrenaline Escapades

Karva Chauth
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If you didn’t know already, Andaman is one of the most trending honeymoon places in India right now. Couples looking for a quick adrenaline rush every chance they get should head straight to the islands. Celebrating your love with fasting is cool and meaningful and all sure. But can you imagine celebrating your love hundreds of feet deep under water, surrounded by corals and sights you’ve never seen before with the face you want to see for the rest of your life. Scuba diving, snorkeling, luxury resorts, hostels, water sports, historic walks, museums and the cherry, quiet secluded beaches for just Karva Chauth vrat keepers, isn’t that a dream? Quick, go make it reality!

Romantic B&B

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Cut the travel, just book a beautiful bed and breakfast or Airbnb in the city. Leave your work behind and spend the weekend in a maze of marital mazza. You’ll be surprised at how unique and calming some of Delhi’s best Airbnbs are. Atrio is a great couples getaway in Gurgaon. The hotel has a beautiful poolside, courteous staff and great butter chicken. You often get great deals on booking websites for a 5-star level room. Cave themed Airbnb to quirky blue one rooms, there’s an endless list of Airbnbs you can rent out far away from work, traffic and laundry duty. Spend all night talking like it’s your first night together all over again, uninterrupted.

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Floating Houseboats

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Fasting makes the heart grow fonder. Feed on affection for an entire weekend in a romantic houseboat with water all around you. Just roll around in bed, Netflix and chill with lots of food, water and bae. Backwaters, lagoons, beaches, lakesides, palm fringed canals, where you ask? Aleppey in Kerala is in peak season right now. The best options are on the table and Karva Chauth has never been more exciting. The houseboats have romantic interiors that won’t let the excitement fade.

Easy peasy lovers breezy

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Blindfold your partner and entertain them on the short way to Agra. You’ll be at your destination in less than two hours. When they open their eyes to Oberoi Amarvillas’ green lawns with white Taj Mahal in the background, you will have won brownie points for the rest of the weekend. This hotel has not gotten its due. The property is too good to be true. You can have morning tea on their dome decks or stepwell style patio that overlook the world’s wonder. Take a buggy to the city and have the all famous Agra chai. We have a global attraction as our next-door neighbour, we always think we can go here anytime, we never go. Just go! It’s worth the hype.

Heavenly Hills

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Manali romance is one to remember. You’ll be extra lucky if it snows! White magic spills across the sky. The resorts here are used to serving couples in love, specially on such weekend. Expect love in the air. No one dare disturb you, they know all too well how you feel. Karva Chauth is the best excuse to run away from relatives during the festive season. Celebrate with the only person that matters at a peaceful getaway. They’re all the fireworks you need anyway.

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Karva Chauth is the ultimate display of affection. Schools get offs, offices, get offs, use all these offs guys! Grab every opportunity to spend quality time with your best decision ever because life will never slow down, and something will always keep you busy. Isn’t the whole point to be living?