Here’s A Glimpse Into India’s Fastest Double Decker Train Between Ahmedabad And Mumbai

by Suchismita Pal
Here’s A Glimpse Into India’s Fastest Double Decker Train Between Ahmedabad And Mumbai

Ever had the experience of travelling inside a double-decker train? You can revel in the exciting feeling by getting onboard India’s fastest air-conditioned double-decker train running between Mumbai Central and Ahmedabad. The train has a total of 10 coaches and operates all days of the week except Sundays. Stations like Nadiad Junction, Surat and Vadodara Junction fall on the route of this state-of-the-art train. Interestingly, this double-decker train launched in 2012 is also known as the first branded train of India.

India's Fastest Double Decker Train
Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

India’s Fastest Double Decker Train Runs At A Speed Of 130 Km/Hr

The Mumbai Central-Vadodara double-decker train runs at a speed of 130 km/hr and offers mesmerising views on the way. Satya, a popular reviewer of train journeys in India, offered a glimpse into the stunning interiors of the train. In the video, we can see the train painted in red and yellow arriving at the Vadodara station. It has two decks, a lower deck and an upper deck. The insides of the coaches are very different from other long-distance trains of Indian Railways. There are two stairs, one going to the upper deck and one to the lower. Both the decks have chair cars.

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Enjoy Gorgeous Views From The Train

The train runs with the number 12931 from Mumbai Central to Ahmedabad and with 12932 on the reverse route. This is the third longest double-decker route in India. The large glass windows in both the decks offer views of the changing landscapes on the way. The lower deck is closer to the ground and the upper deck offers views from a height. Near Bharuch Junction, passengers can treat their eyes on the majestic Narmada river bed from the train. The washrooms on the train are also comparatively cleaner than other trains.

India's Fastest Double Decker Train
Picture Credits: Wikipedia

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So, if you’re enthusiastic about train journeys, this double-decker train must be on your bucket list. On that note, here is a list of the 5 Most Scenic Train Journeys You Need To Take In South India.