Here’s How These Bihari Sisters-In-Law Rose To Fame By Selling Pickles

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Here’s How These Bihari Sisters-In-Law Rose To Fame By Selling Pickles

Who doesn’t love pickles? Pickles are one of the most relished sides in an Indian household. Pickles are actually way more than just a side; they are an emotion in India. This is what pushed two Bihari sisters-in-law residing in Bihar’s Darbhanga to sell pickles. With encouragement and support from family members, the business began, and today it has become successful enough to pull India’s two best-known entrepreneurs to their side. Curious to know their story? Here it is.

Success Story Of Bihari Sisters-In-Law Selling Pickles 

If you watched Shark Tank India Season One, you’ll recognise these Bihari sisters-in-law Kalpana and Uma Jha. This duo runs a pickle-selling business named “Jha Ji Store” and had come to Shark Tank India for investment. The duo won the hearts of all five sharks with their efforts, pitch-perfect presentation, and splendid knowledge. They offered the sharks 10% equity in their company in exchange for a 50 lakh investment. 

They could not close a deal with any of the sharks on the show. But the exposure on the show gave their business a boost. ‘Jha Ji Store’ sold a number in three months that would have taken three months otherwise. Within a little more than a year, ‘Jha Ji Store’ recorded monthly sales of 25 lakh. They appeared on the second season of the show and spoke about how their business grew significantly after their pitch in season 1.


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Jha Ji Store Received An Unexpected Investment

Well, if you think this is the story, the best is yet to be disclosed. Kalapana and Uma, the two Bihari sisters-in-law, were informed that Shark Tank from Sony LIV will be coming to their factory to shoot some footage and record their progress. While the duo expected the cast of the show, Vineeta Singh and Namita Thapar walked in. Next to come in was a check for 85 lakh from Vineeta, Namita, and Jharkhand Angels.

 Sharks Vineeta and Namita expressed regret for not investing in Jha Ji Store earlier. In fact, Vineeta also shared that her mother was upset about it. Kamala Jha knew how to make the best pickles belonging to her traditional Mithilanchal region and wished to take this taste to every household in India. Her family members totally supported her, and that is where she and her sister-in-law, Uma, came up with Jha Ji Store.

 They serve authentic sun-dried pickles with no chemicals, artificial colours, or preservatives. Their story has certainly inspired many women as they surf on the wave of entrepreneurship in India.


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