Here’s How To Find The Purity Of Red Chilli Powder With FSSAI Tips

by Tania Tarafdar
Here’s How To Find The Purity Of Red Chilli Powder With FSSAI Tips

Food adulteration is extremely common and it is not surprising why people do not mind paying a bit extra for organic foods. That said, organic foods surely increase your monthly expenses. So, how do you ensure that the food items you pick from the market are pure without really splurging on the organic section? We still do not know the trick about every food product but FSSAI has shared tips to know if the red chili powder you are using is pure. Read on!

Red Chilli Powder Is Often Adulterated With Brick & Soapstone

So here is the thing! Manufacturers often use brick and soapstone powder to red chilli powder to enhance the colour of the product. Such chemicals will affect our health negatively. The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has shared a simple trick to find out if the product you are using is unadulterated. Did You Know Gujarat Is Declared As The State With Highest Food Safety In India By FSSAI?

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Steps To Test The Purity Of Red Chilli Powder

FSSAI took to Twitter to share a video with the simple hack. Here’s a simple test you need to do to find the purity of the product.

Step 1. Take a glass of water.

Step 2. Add one teaspoon of red chilli powder to it.

Step 3. Now examine the residue.

Step 4: Rub the residue on your palm. If you feel any grittiness on your skin, it means that the product is adulterated with brick powder/sand. If it feels too soapy or smooth, it means that there is soapstone in it.

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If you too know of any such hacks, tell us in the comments.