Here’s How To Make Fluffy And Soft Dhoklas At Home

by Vinita Jain
Here’s How To Make Fluffy And Soft Dhoklas At Home

What comes up to your mind when someone says Gujarati snacks? Well, for me it has to be dhokla. Dhokla is a very popular Gujarati snack that is a delicious, easily digestible, and healthy snack option. How soft, spongy and fluffy the dhokla is, shows your culinary skills. However, it takes a lot of practice and patience to get that fluffy texture. But today, we’ve shortlisted some of the perfect dhokla recipes. Try them out and ace your cooking skills.

1. HomeCookingShow

Dhokla is one of the easy-to-digest and healthy snack options. HomeCookingShow shares a recipe for soft and spongy dhoklas.

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2. Khana Manpasand

Khana manpasand shares the recipe for soft and spongy dhoklas. Do add toppings of fresh coriander and green chilies on your dhoklas.

3. Masala Kitchen

Make flawless khaman dhoklas at home with numerous air pockets. This market-style dhokla can be made in just 15 minutes. Garnish your dhoklas with coriander leaves, and grated coconuts along with the green chili tarri.

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4. Kabita’s Kitchen

Check out the process of making deliciously soft and fluffy dhoklas at home. Don’t miss the tadka, it will enhance the taste in your dhoklas.

5. The Quint

Urmila Jamnadas teaches a traditional way to make the most scrumptious, soft, and spongy dhoklas at home.

6. Your Food Lab

Chef Sanjyot Keer shows the complete process to make soft and spongy dhoklas at home in an oven.

7. Kunal Kapur

Kunal Kapur brings the recipe for besan ka dhokla. Do check out this recipe for the softest and fluffiest dhoklas.

8. Kabita’s Kitchen

Take a break from the besan ka dhokla and make suji ka dhokla at home. If you haven’t had white dhoklas even then here’s the recipe for you to try.

9. Cook with Parul

Make sliced dhoklas at home without curd and ENO. Do check out this unique recipe to make scrumptious cylindrical dhoklas.

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