Here’s How To Make Tea-Time Vegetable Puffs At Home

by Sanmita A
Here’s How To Make Tea-Time Vegetable Puffs At Home

Snacks are an important addition to our tea-time. And, for every cup of tea we enjoy, there must be something snacky, which sort of pumps up the joy of tea time even more. Our country is a lover of tea and tea-time is something none of us can do without. Well, apart from the usual snacks like namkeen and biscuits, there are more that you can you do for tea time snack. For instance, in this post, we will tell you how you can enjoy flaky, and delicious vegetable puffs at home.

How To Ace The Art Of Making Vegetable Puffs?

The internet is full of recipes and methods on how to make the perfect vegetable puffs. But, there are certain recipes only that you can trust and really enjoy munching on them. To prepare this snack, all you need is a lot of veggies, flour, and the right kind of dip, be it chutney or ketchup.

Take a look at the best recipes of vegetable puffs –

This is one of the best and effortless way of preparing this snack for your tea-time. 

Be it a gathering or a children’s party, your tea-time snack can be a good serving during such occasions too.

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This recipe is prepared with the most-loved vegetable – potatoes. Take a look at how you can make aloo puff easily.

This is a little different from the usual vegetable puff recipe, but we are including it because it is by one of our favourite chefs. And, his recipes are basically awesome.

This recipe can be made easily and without a oven. Take a look at this and give this recipe a shot.

Well, we have mostly assorted the best of vegetable puff recipes for you to prepare at home. If you are a first timer, these recipes will be superb for you. Also, you will be amazed with how easily you can prepare this snack at home.

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