Here’s Why IRCTC Does Not Allow Seat Selection Option To Passengers

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Here’s Why IRCTC Does Not Allow Seat Selection Option To Passengers

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) can surely be termed as the lifeline of India’s transportation system. The corporation has always come up with new insightful changes for making the travel for people more easy and comfortable. But one thing about IRCTC at times tends to annoy people and are unable to understand the reason for it. Well, it is a fact that we cannot select seats as per our choice unlike movie theatres or even bus reservations now. 

IRCTC Algorithm Allocates The Seats

The method used for allocating movie tickets and that of train seat tickets is very different. The IRCTC algorithm assigns seats robotically so the shifting practice is equally loaded. Imagine a practice with sleeper coaches numbered T1, T2, T3, T4…T10. Each sleeper coach would contain 72 seats. Upon booking a ticket for the primary time, the software grants the buyer a seat within the centre coach. IRCTC first books the reduced berth so that the centre of gravity is low.

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Even Distribution Of Passengers

As long as each coach on the practice carries the same number of passengers, the software program works the exact same way. Practice seats are allotted starting from the centre seats and going up to the seats closest to the doorways of the coach. In this way, the IRCTC software program, via its algorithm, contributes to preserving the stability of the practice. By reason of the most centrifugal pressure, the possibility of the practice going off track increases. In light of this, Indian Railways retains this responsibility by ensuring that the passengers are distributed in an even manner. 


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