Honey Singh Explains Why He Has Given Up On Alcohol

by Ankita Mazumdar
Honey Singh Explains Why He Has Given Up On Alcohol

Indian rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh recently came back with a new song called Kalaastar, from his long hiatus. Apparently, it is a sequel to his previous song called, Desi Kalakaar from the year 2014. Honey Singh was interviewed by Arohi Thatte for this exciting episode of Tere Gully Mein. They explore the street food of 7 Bungalows in Andheri while discussing how he composes his songs and what encourages him, his college days, his depressive episodes and more. Watch the full video linked below to get a sneak peek into his life.

Honey Singh Told Us Why He Gave Up On Alcohol

While we were chatting about Mumbai street food, we questioned him if he had tried anything other than the typical Vada Pav. He went on to inform us that he used to visit the iconic Bademiya in Colaba to relish their delicious kebabs. Everyone who visits Bademiya knows about this very famous restaurant and bar, Gokul in Colaba. Turns out, he doesn’t have any clue about Gokul.

We suggested he should try it once because it is a very local bar. People plan to stuff their stomachs with the yummy food of Bademiya and then head over to the Gokul to get sloshed. To this, Honey gave us a simple reply, “I gave up alcohol.”

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We all know how much Honey Singh’s life and his songs would revolve around the topic of alcohol. He was an alcoholic and his blockbuster songs glorified drinking.  For instance, take Chaar Botal Vodka, One Bottle Down, Party All Night, or Main Sharabi; they all talk about alcohol in one way or another. 

Hence, we were a little shocked to know that he had given up alcohol completely. He went on to add that he drank so much alcohol that it was as if the bottle begged to either let him live or let it live. Seems like this was an eye-opening situation for him. Alcoholism takes a toll on everyone who excessively drinks and even their loved ones, so please be safe and don’t drink and drive. 

Currently, This Inspires Him For His Songs 

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Because he has stopped indulging in alcohol, we were wondering where drew inspiration for his songs now. He told us that now his songs are on the topic of love. To this, Arohi enquired if is it because it was the season of love. Honey Singh shut down this question by saying that the season of love has also passed on. Is our honey paaji heartbroken or is he sad that he has completely given up alcohol, what do you think?

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Did you know that his friend made him try a very deadly cocktail which left him high for hours? It sounds scary, right?

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