Hop On A Solar Ferry & Glide Across Ernakulam Waters For Just ₹100 Per Person

solar ferry ernakulam
by Sanjana Shenoy 153

Ernakulam in Kerala beckons water babies. It’s known for its serene water promenade, Marine Drive, which offers backwater cruises. Tourists also like to head to Ernakulam for its peaceful lifestyle, heritage markets and unique museums. But the next time you visit Ernakulam, you can actually hop on a solar ferry and glide across the waters for just ₹100 per person. Read on!

Ernakulam To Introduce Solar Ferry

In a bid to improve waterway connectivity and also boost tourism, Ernakulam has introduced solar ferries. Tourists can head to Marine Drive, the famous promenade and hitch a solar ferry, costing just ₹100 per person for one hour. This eco-friendly transportation system is much cheaper than the usual boat services offered there. Plus, it gives you breathtaking views of the open sea. The two-deck vessels are currently under construction but very soon they will be ready for the public.

solar ferry ernakulam

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

While the solar ferries will start taking tourists on water tours from the Marine Drive, they will also be expanded to ferry tourists to Kerala’s islands in and around Vembanad Lake. In these pockets of islands, tourists can just cruise around leisurely, opt for bird-watching tours or even immerse themselves in the local culture in coastal villages.

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Benefits Of Solar-Powered Boats

Introducing solar ferries in the tourism circuit has many benefits. In simple terms, solar boats harness the sun’s energy by using solar panels and batteries to convert sunlight into electricity. So, solar ferries are not just eco-friendly but they are also cost-effective. The environmentally sustainable boat reduces our carbon footprint and is also soundproof. Built to weather all storms, more like all weather conditions, solar ferries are easy to maintain compared to regular boats.

solar ferry ernakulam

Picture Credits: Wikimedia Commons

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For tourists visiting Ernakulam, it will be a unique experience to hitch a solar ferry to reach destinations than a regular boat. After all, for just ₹100 per person for an hour, you can witness breathtaking views, enjoy sitting on the top deck and even reach your island or take a tour of the waters in style.

So, would you like to go on a solar ferry? Let us know in the comments below.

Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons