How Chefs And Local Restaurants Are Supporting Hawaiin Fire Survivors With Free Food & Donations

by Tejashee Kashyap
How Chefs And Local Restaurants Are Supporting Hawaiin Fire Survivors With Free Food & Donations

If you have followed the news, the Hawaiin fires of Maui have killed dozens of people. The centuries-old town of Lahaina has been reduced to ash by explosive flames. There are still significant portions of the island without electricity or mobile connectivity. Strong, dry winds earlier this week fueled brush fires, which quickly spread into residential areas. Now, in the aftermath of the tragic wildfires on Maui, the culinary community came into action to aid survivors.

How The Culinary World Has Come To Help Survivors Of Hawaiin Fires

In assessing the damage from the fifth-deadliest wildland fire in U.S. history, which forced thousands of people to flee their homes, restaurant owners, chefs, food truck operators, suppliers, farmers, and others have already tapped into what comes naturally in hospitality: helping others.

According to an article by Good Morning America, Roy Yamaguchi, a well-known Japanese-American chef and restaurateur, has been collaborating with the Kokua Restaurant and Hospitality Fund to aid those in the hospitality and tourism sectors in their recovery from the wildfires. Local food nonprofits, culinary schools, and restaurant owners have combined their efforts to continuously produce food and provide meals to those in need.

A bunch of chefs and regular citizens are cooking and feeding our town out of the goodness of their hearts. The nation’s chefs have gone into action to raise money for food supplies. Leading chefs in Hawaii, like Sheldon Simeon, Hui, and Lee Ann Wong, have been frequently posting on their social media pages to solicit donations and offer food to those in need in Maui.

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How Did The Maui Fires Happen?

Every year, during the dry spell from May to September, wildfires must be put out on the Hawaiian islands. However, the destruction this year is unprecedented. Starting on August 8, the intensity of wildfires in the nearby county of Maui, in the state of Hawaii, resulted in astronomical damage and the eviction of thousands of residents.

Many chefs have taken to social media to raise awareness. On his Instagram account @chefwonder, Chef Simeon posted the recipe for a heartfelt dish called Loco Moco. This is actually a Hawaiian gravy burger on rice. He also begged his followers to donate.

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