How To Have The Best In-Flight Experience? Flight Attendant’s Recommendation Is…

A former flight attendant shared some insider hacks and secrets to enjoy a good in-flight dining experience.

by Shreya Ghosh
How To Have The Best In-Flight Experience? Flight Attendant’s Recommendation Is…

We pay a lot of money to book flight tickets. While spending the amount, we wish to enjoy proper travel experiences along with good meals and a comfortable journey. Unfortunately, many passengers do not get to enjoy all these conveniences and end up having an unpleasant journey. Well, here are some easy and handy tips that you can follow to change the journey in your favour. A flight attendant recently revealed some hacks to have proper meals on flights and enjoy a good culinary experience.

Here’s How You Can Get Good Meals On Flights

Flight Attendant
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Most passengers do not have decent experiences of eating in-flight meals. From bad taste to cold food, there are so many complaints and inconveniences faced by flyers. Well, there are ways following which you can actually attempt to have a better experience and a flight attendant has some special tips and tricks for that. Cabin crew members and flight attendants are surely the ones who are well aware of what happens in the aviation industry such as the types of food served to passengers on flights. Recently, a former flight attendant spilled some beans about the meals provided on a flight in an exclusive interview with Express UK.

In-flight dining can be a bit unfavourable at times. Many passengers feel frustrated to wait for the air hostesses to serve them their meals. For such scenarios, order your preferences before itself. This leads to the crew serving you at first, shared Sam, a former flight attendant. Another easy hack to get your meals as soon as possible is by pre-ordering vegetarian options instead of any non-vegetarian meals.

Well, there is another insider tip that can help to get meals faster than usual. Sam shared how the crew members start serving the food from the front part of the cabin most time. And this can help the passengers in those seats to get their orders faster. Now aren’t these such easy-peasy tips that we can follow while travelling on a flight?

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More Useful Tips Shared By The Flight Attendant

Flight Attendant
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Just because you are on a plane does not mean that you need to eat and drink everything the crew members are serving you. You will be shocked to hear that the water tanks are not washed quite regularly. Sam shared how people should not drink tap water. In fact, this is one of the reasons behind providing packaged water bottles. Looks like filling bottles before catching the flights is a better idea. But if you still need to drink water in-flight and do not have water in your bottle, you can request the attendants to help you.

The interview was joined by another attendant named Betty and she asked people to avoid drinking beverages served on flights as well. If you are surprised to hear it, you will be shocked to hear that the water used for coffee and tea and washrooms is the same in many airlines. Now isn’t this the most disgusting and unhygienic thing?

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Hope these insider hacks help you to have a good in-dining experience.

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