Lonavala To Get Brinjal Themed Car All The Way From Hyderabad

by Gizel Menezes
Lonavala To Get Brinjal Themed Car All The Way From Hyderabad

In an attempt to spread awareness about the coronavirus pandemic, a Guinness book record holder from Hyderabad, K. Sudhakar had designed a car that resembles the structure of the coronavirus. The coronavirus-shaped car was designed in 10 days during the lockdown period and is equipped with a 100 cc engine. Sudhakar has a car museum in Hyderabad, known as the Sudha Car Museum. The museum has cars of unique and quirky designs, like brinjal, shoe and laddoo shaped cars. Now Sudhakar is ready to come up with a branch of this museum in Lonavala, Pune. You can also see how the first-ever car looked like at the Gedee Car Museum in Coimbatore.

A New Car Museum To Come Up At Lonavala Hill Station

The designing of the new cars for the Pune museum is now taking place in Hyderabad’s Bahadurpura. According to the Hindu reports, Sudhakar said, “The museum will have a collection of cars identical to those in Hyderabad; after they are created, they will be transported to Lonavala.” Speaking about Lonavala hill station, he added, “It is a beautiful hill station and has wax museums, but there is not much of entertainment, especially for children. This museum will be a major attraction.” Meanwhile, you can read about Ahmedabad’s kite museum too.

Lonavala Brinjal Cars
Picture Credits: Facebook/Sudha Car Museum

The Lonavala museum will have around 100 cars and cycles on out-of-the-box themes like burger, cricket ball, toilet and brinjal.

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The Car That Seeks To Spread Awareness About Coronavirus

Sudhakar had designed the four-wheeled coronavirus-shaped car with an intention to spread awareness among the people. “It’s a four-wheeler single-seater car. It can comfortably travel up to 40 km. It took us ten days to prepare this model. I hope we can spread awareness and make people understand to stay indoors.” Sudhakar was reported as saying.

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Sudhakar is known to design wacky cars to raise awareness about several issues. In the past, he has also designed a condom-shaped car to spread awareness about AIDS; a helmet-shaped car to promote the use of helmets and a cigarette-shaped bike to urge people to quit smoking. All the designed cars and bikes are on display in his museum – Sudha Cars Museum in Bahadurpura. Sudhakar is also a Guinness record holder for building the world’s largest 37-feet long tricycle. Apart from this, he also entered the Limca book of records and has featured in the popular English TV show ‘Ripley’s Believe it or Not.’