Hyderabad Man’s Vespa Dosa Is The Latest Food Trend To Leave Internet In Splits

by Sanjana Shenoy
Hyderabad Man’s Vespa Dosa Is The Latest Food Trend To Leave Internet In Splits

2022 is the hottest year on record. Heat waves have engulfed the country, leaving people incessantly sweating, and suffering from dehydration and heat strokes. While most of us are cocooned in our AC rooms, away from the sweltering heat, a daring Hyderabad man stepped out in the peak of summer to prepare dosas. Yes! You read this right. A Hyderabad blogger started a food trend called Vespa Dosa. Here’s all about it.

Man Prepares Dosa On Vespa Scooter Amid Scorching Heat Wave

A food blogger from Hyderabad took to Instagram to share a video of him preparing dosas. No folks, it’s not your ordinary dosa, it’s the Vespa Dosa. The video posted on the @streetfoodofbhagyanagar page shows the food blogger crouched near his Vespa scooter in the scorching heat of 40 degrees in Hyderabad. He pours the dosa batter onto the scooter seat, and within no time, the mixture solidified.

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Videos Of Eggs & Chapati Cooked On Hot Roads Take Over Internet

The scooter was parked under the sun. And you can imagine how hot the seat must have been. It may not have been the crispiest dosa, nevertheless, it was certainly cooked. So, why bother to cook in our kitchen when we can literally cook on our scooter seats. This is not the first time someone hilariously demonstrated hot summers in our country. Earlier, people posted videos of preparing fried eggs, omelettes and even chapatis on the bonnets of cards and the tarmac road.