Hyderabad Metro Tales: The Kind Gesture Of A Woman Offering Fruits And Pulihora To Co-Passenger Is Too Sweet

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Hyderabad Metro Tales: The Kind Gesture Of A Woman Offering Fruits And Pulihora To Co-Passenger Is Too Sweet

They say one must keep travelling, not for the destination but for the journey, and well, I don’t think it is limited to huge excursions. One can learn or experience a lot while travelling to work, school, or college. Well, a woman in Hyderabad witnessed something extremely sweet as a gesture from another lady in the metro. She shared the story on Reddit, and netizens are going Awwww! 

Hyderabad Metro Kind Gesture

Credits: Reddit


A woman shared her recent experience in the Hyderabad metro, and netizens are simply calling it beautiful. The sweet experience was posted on Reddit and was titled Just something good in Metro. 

The woman was travelling in the Hyderabad metro and was returning home from Raidurg. She complained to her friend about how hungry she was, and the two joked about it. She also pointed at a juice bottle in someone’s bag and was jokingly talking about stealing it. Thankfully, the person was not looking at her. 

Suddenly, a lady sitting right next to them asks them if they are hungry, and the woman nods. The lady asks them if they would like to eat pulihora, which she had for lunch but left over. She also offered another box, which was half filled with pomegranates. 

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Netizens Share Their Stories

Credits: Canva

At first, the Hyderabad woman hesitated, but then she took the pomegranate box and ate it. The lady stood up as her stop was about to arrive and asked the woman to keep the box. 

The woman mentioned that she knows how important boxes are because of her mother, of course! She tried to hold the pomegranate in her hands as much as she could and returned the box to the lady. She did insist the woman keep it, but she returned it. 

The post has so far received 417 upvotes on Reddit. Netizens were too happy to read this sweet story. Many of them began sharing their sweet experiences in the metro or other places where strangers helped them in the most unexpected manner. 

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Have you ever experienced something like this?

Cover Image Courtesy: Canva