Swiggy’s New App Update Message Has All The Pop-Culture References We Are Stanning

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Swiggy’s New App Update Message Has All The Pop-Culture References We Are Stanning

People who have installed the Swiggy mobile application on their mobile devices know how the app sends out the most relatable stuff in messages and emails. Their mobile is sure to chime with Swiggy on salary day, festivals, or even randomly asking them to order in the most cute yet persuasive way. Well, its new update has gone a step ahead with an app update message that has completely stunned us!

Swiggy Has A New App Update Message 

Credits: Swiggy

Swiggy has made ordering food so easy with some of the most amazing discounts and offers. The little pop-up messages that we receive every day often bring a smile to our faces. The recent app update message is simply super cool. It has all the pop-culture references that have simply stunned us. 

The latest app update message begins with a reference to Barbie and Oppenheimer, which had become the talk of the town. The discussion was no longer only between movie buffs; it had everyone talking about it.  

The next lines use words like good snaccc, which is another pop-culture reference that is widely used. Further, it asks you to head to Swiggy Dineout, which has got you completely covered over restaurant and food options. 

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Nearest Restaurants, Deals And More

Credits: Canva

While talking about Swiggy Dineout, the beautiful writeup mentions how one can go to the nearest restaurant with the best deals. One can easily find restaurants near the movie theatre where they have been to watch Barbie or Oppenheimer. 

The writeup speaks about your favourite food from your selected restaurant with just a click. It compared the dine-out ordering system to that of walking in a park. 

The new app update message is simply sweet, smart, and very relatable to people. The use of pop culture references is like hitting the bull’s eye, as they become a medium to take the message across.

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Cover Image Courtesy:  Canva