I Dared To Try This ‘Chocolate Cheese Pav Maska’ In Gurgaon And It Was Surprisingly Amazing

by Suchismita Pal
I Dared To Try This ‘Chocolate Cheese Pav Maska’ In Gurgaon And It Was Surprisingly Amazing

It was one of those lazy evenings moistened by drizzles. My taste buds were craving something delicious but I was failing to identify what. I decided on Vada Pav, as it’s something that can click well with the rains. I walked into Urban Vada Pav, Gurgaon and started checking its menu. While the menu had a long list of Vada Pavs, a dish from its dessert section piqued my curiosity. It was Urban ‘Cheese Chocolate Pav Maska‘! The instant question that came to my mind was, how can cheese and chocolate go together? That too with pav? But anyhow I went ahead and ordered it. To my surprise, it was absolutely delicious. Wondering how? Read on.

Here’s Why The Snack Is A Must-Try

I placed the order for the Chocolate Cheese Pav Maska, which was priced at just ₹35. After a wait of around 5 minutes, a bun maska daubed entirely in gooey liquid chocolate arrived. While it looked insanely drool-worthy, I was still doubtful about the ‘cheese’ factor in it. I grabbed a bite and OMG, it was mind-boggling. The cheese was delicately put inside the pav slices. And the chocolate was above the snack. So, despite being in the same place, the cheese and chocolate weren’t really coming together. But they created a burst of flavours in my mouth.


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Relish Bombay Vada Pav, Ahmedabadi Vada Pav, Khatiyawadi Vada Pav And More

Apart from the quirky Chocolate Cheese Pav Maska, Urban Vada Pav serves a wide array of delectable Vada Pavs authentic to different parts of India. Some best-selling ones at this food joint are Bombay Vada Pav, Ahmedabadi Vada Pav, Khatiyawadi Vada Pav, Makka Palak Vada Pav and more. One simple yet hearty dish from their menu is the fluffy and flavorful Urban Egg Bhurji Pav.

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Other than Vada Pavs, one can also relish crunchy nuggets, creamy sandwiches, thick shakes and cold coffee at this place. Give them a try, foodies!

Address | U1/35, Sector 24, DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon

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