Iceland Becomes First EU Or Schengen Country To Welcome All Vaccinated Tourists

by Tania Tarafdar
Iceland Becomes First EU Or Schengen Country To Welcome All Vaccinated Tourists

How likely are you to travel internationally in 2021? While there is still a lot of uncertainty with the second wave and the new strain, many countries are relaxing the restrictions. Iceland is taking a significant step to ensure that its residents can travel with ease. The government is issuing digital vaccination certificates to citizens who have received two vaccine shots. The vaccination proof will allow travellers to travel without worrying about border restrictions.

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Iceland Welcomes All Vaccinated Travellers

Iceland has become the first EU or Schengen country to reopen its doors to vaccinated passengers from across the world. So this means, that Americans or anyone else who are fully vaccinated can head to Iceland. This is one year after most of Europe was closed to third party countries. Until now, only vaccinated travellers from the EU or Schengen area could skip quarantine requirements by producing vaccination certificates, but this policy applies to all travellers across the world.

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Vaccine Passports Will Let Travellers Skip Testing & Quarantine

The country will soon also recognise vaccine passports from incoming travellers with proofs that they have taken both the shots. The vaccine proof will let travellers skip the COVID-19 test or quarantine. Icelandic residents can get vaccine certificates online. A lot of people already recieved vaccination shots in Iceland. Also, Iceland Is Reopening But Only To Tourists Who Earn Approximately ₹6 Lakhs A Month

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Vaccine Passport Is Valid For EU Citizens Only

Vaccinated travellers from other countries can also skip the testing or quarantine rules upon arrival in Iceland. That said, even a vaccine can qualify a traveller to visit the country’s majestic waterfalls or geothermal lagoons. The country still has all the bans in place for Non-EU citizens, including from the United States.

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Quarantine Policies In Place Till May For Non-EU Citizens

If the vaccination passport does not apply to you and you wish to visit Iceland, remember that you need to get tested twice – once upon arrival and another after a five to six-day quarantine. The quarantine policy will remain in place until at least May 1.

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But if you are scouting for travel destinations, Seychelles is now welcoming fully vaccinated travellers from any nation. The Maldives is also a good option.