Get Vaccinated For COVID-19 To Travel To Schengen Countries

by Tonakshi Kalra
Get Vaccinated For COVID-19 To Travel To Schengen Countries

While the number of Coronavirus cases in the world is increasing at an alarming rate every day, many countries are issuing several warnings for post the pandemic too. The way it has affected human lives is something that no one ever thought of. The world is going to change after all this is over. It won’t be easy to move around, eat anything and go to any country. The visa process will also change as Schengen visa applicants will now have to get the COVID-19 test done twice and vaccinated for the disease for future travel post the pandemic.

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What Is It

A recent warning of the French President Emanuel Macron that the external borders of the Schengen Area and the Associated Member States may remain closed until September. This has reduced the hopes of those intending to apply for a Schengen visa throughout this period.

Falling under the worst-hit category, Schengen countries have said that even after the pandemic is under control, those seeking a visa to travel to any of those countries would need to get the COVID-19 test done twice. The same was confirmed by a European Union official to as well.

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It’s a sure thing that once the risks from the pandemic are reduced, and the Schengen Area starts going back to normality, the member states will start asking for additional documents regarding applicant’s health conditions.

The Schengen Area consists of 26 member countries, out of which 22 countries fully implement the rules and  regulations. Some of them are Austria, Denmark, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Finland, Iceland, Switzerland and many more. 

Coronavirus Vaccination, If Available

Moreover, applicants will also have to get coronavirus vaccines once it’s been introduced, tested and made available.

When the time comes to lift these restrictions, those who wish to travel to Schengen countries will have to present a negative result with their visa applications. In fact, visitors might have to take the test twice; one when applying for the visa (nothing more than two weeks old) and one before travelling to the country to prove that they have not been infected in the interim.

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Measures For These Countries

For now, these measures will especially followed by France, Spain and Italy, countries with the most number of cases. Meanwhile, countries like Austria, Germany and Denmark are aiming for normalcy in the near future. Similar measures were also taken during the Swine Flu and Ebola outbreaks.

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