I Lived In Kolkata For 25 Years & Here’re The Iconic Chinese Restaurants I Visit Again & Again!

by Suchismita Pal
I Lived In Kolkata For 25 Years & Here’re The Iconic Chinese Restaurants I Visit Again & Again!

Kolkata boasts of an eclectic food culture and a plethora of cuisines. Being born and brought up in the city, I do not shy away from calling myself a gastronome. And the Chinese food of Kolkata has a special place in my heart. The ancient lanes of the city are dotted with some legacy Chinese restaurants, that serve soul-satisfying authentic Chinese food. While many age-old Chinese bistros are located in Kolkata’s China Town, India’s only Chinese settlement, a few are spread out in the other parts of the city as well. Here is a list of 5 iconic Chinese restaurants in Kolkata that I love the most:

1. Tung Nam

Nestled in the bustling lanes of Chattawala Gully, near Poddar Court, lies this tiny Chinese eating house. If you’re a pork lover, the restaurant has to be your go-to place. Patrons adore the Chilli Pork at this place. Also, the Pork Yam Wanton out here is heartily tender on the taste buds and is a must-try. Other gourmand offerings of this hidden gem includes Pepper Chicken, Pork Ginger Sausages, Veg Mushroom Babycorn, Fried Meifoon and Fung Mee Mein Noodles, among others.

2. Eau Chew

This Chinese restaurant dates back to the 1920s and is one of the oldest Chinese restaurants in the city. It is a straight walk from Chandni Chowk Metro Gate 6. The place is known for its delicious broths, especially Chimney Soup and Josephine Noodles. You can also dig your forks into the Roasted Chilli Pork and Steamed Soya Fish at this place. Some of the brass pots of the restaurant were brought all the way from China in the ancient days.


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3. Beijing

This is one of the most renowned restaurants in Kolkata’s China Town. Though Big Boss in the same lane is preferred more by some folks, I personally like Beijing because its dishes have more of the ‘Chinese’ factor in them. Some delectable dishes to be relished here include Prawn with Toufu, Oyster Chilli Chicken, Shanghai Chicken, Noodles Soups, Sping Rolls, Chilli Garlic Shrimps and Streamed Fish Fillet, among many others. Along with these dishes, you can also enjoy some doses of booze here.


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4. New Embassy

Every time I went to the Elgin for some work, I would make sure to drop by New Embassy to grab a soothing Chinese meal. It falls on the lane between Sahara Building and Rabindra Sadan Metro and stands out strikingly with its Paifang-style entry and Chinese symbols. The interiors are dimly lit by hanging Chinese lamps and the decor looks pretty. The best bit is, the food is quite affordable here. You must try the Embassy Special Fried Rice at this eating house. I also love their Chinese Jasmine Tea, Mixed Chowmein and Fried Spring Chicken.


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5. Chung Wah

Chung Wah in Kolkata’s Chittaranjan Avenue is over 126 years old. Wen Hua Chung had founded the eatery when Cabin restaurants were arising in different parts of Kolkata. Today, it serves a mix of Chinese, North Indian and Bengali dishes. The cabin set-up will give you an old-world feel while you gorge on dishes like Shrimp Fooyong, Gold Coin Prawn, Chilly Pork Shzewan and Mandarin Fish.

Iconic Chinese Restaurants Kolkata
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So, the next time you visit the city of joy, definitely try out some of these mouth-watering preparations. Till then, enjoy the virtual tour of Kolkata from the comfort of your couch: