If Social Distancing Is Followed, Maharashtra Might Open Liquor Shops

by Sanjana Shenoy
If Social Distancing Is Followed, Maharashtra Might Open Liquor Shops

This lockdown has left many of us with one regret, that we should have stocked up on liquor beforehand. While you’re lamenting over not saving up on booze for a rainy, no lockdown day, there might be some respite for folks in Maharashtra. Rajesh Tope the Health Minister of Maharashtra stated that there shouldn’t be any ban on liquor stores in the state if social distancing measures taken are strictly followed to curb the coronavirus spread.

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What’s In It?

Liquor shops in Maharashtra are closed since the last month when the COVID-19 lockdown enforced, was implemented. The Health Minister, Rajesh Tope stated that if social distancing is properly maintained then there should not be any ban on liquor shops. Tope replied to a question that the state government didn’t clarify in its 17th April notification, whether liquor stores will be permitted to remain open after the resumption of industrialized business activities in non-coronavirus hot spots.

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However the health minister didn’t provide further details, but his response gave hope. It also gave the impression that there is a possibility of allowing liquor stores to function with social distancing measures in place. A senior excise official mentioned to PTI that there isn’t such a possibility. Liquor shops are shut down as per the orders issued under the Epidemic Diseases Act, 1897 and the Disaster Management Act, 2005. This is done as it doesn’t fall in the category of essential commodities.

What’s More?

Tope clarified via his Twitter handle that the final decision on opening liquor shops in Maharashtra will be taken only after strict rules are prepared. He tweeted in Marathi, that although liquor stores aren’t included in the list of exemptions of the lockdown, the final decision on this matter will be announced only after strict regulations are prepared. So until these strict regulations are put into effect and planned thoroughly, the wait for your precious bottle of liquor might take awhile. Did you know In Maharashtra, Hotels And Restaurants Can Now Operate For Home Delivery Only?