Iftaar In The Air! Emirates To Give Iftar Boxes To Fasting Passengers This Ramadan! Details Inside

Emirates Iftar
by Anupriya Mishra

If you are someone who happens to fly regularly and is fasting during Ramadan, then you will know the challenges of boarding a flight during the holy month. The major reason for this is that if your flight happens to coincide with the iftar timing, it can lead to a lot of difficulty in calculating the right time for breaking the fast. However, if you are planning to fly with Emirates this Ramadan, you can be assured that this is not going to be a problem. Here’s why flying with Emirates is going to be an experience in itself during the holy month.

Iftar Meal Boxes On Emirates Flight?


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If you have already booked your tickets with Emirates, then you are in for brilliant news, as this Ramadan, the airline will be offering iftar meal boxes for select destinations. Passengers will be treated with boxes that honour the bedouin heritage and represent the rich Emirati heritage of Al Sadu weavers. These boxes have been created by Bedouin women of the UAE, who are known for handcrafting soft furnishings and decorative accessories.

Talking about the Iftar Meal Boxes, you can expect to find light dishes and starters, including hummus & spinach bil zeit, falafel sandwiches, pasta salad, and fried aubergine with mint. As it happens, you will also find staples like traditional dates and refreshing laban in these carefully curated boxes. Moreover, a smaller box will also be served at the boarding gates during the iftar time, which will include all the essentials to allow passengers to break their fast.

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How Will The Passenger Know When to Break Their Fast?


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It is worth noting that these Iftar boxes will be served along with regular hot meal service. Moreover, the menu will be refreshed weekly to ensure there is a best-in-class dining experience during Ramadan. As mentioned above, these boxes will be served on flights to select destinations, to and from the Gulf region that will coincide with the iftar time. Flights that are catering to Umrah groups travelling to Jeddah and Medina will also be served these boxes.
Not to mention passengers who want to check in a bottle of holy Islamic water, Zamzam, can do so. Each person is allowed up to 5 litres at the Dubai International Airport and several airports in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

If you are wondering how will you know when to break your fast, the captain of the flight will have your back. Ensuring the highest level of accuracy, captains of the Emirates flight will announce when it’s time to break once fast. To do so they will use a unique tool to calculate the correct timing for imsak and iftar, based on the time of sunrise and sunset of the location the flight is passing by. For this, the captain will employ the aircraft’s longitude, latitude, and altitude readings. Moreover, customers on the ground boarding the flight during iftar time will be provided with boxes that contain water, juice, a banana, and dates. While those in the Emirates lounges at DXB will be provided with traditional Arabic sweets, dates, and coffee during the Ramadan period.

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