6 Immigration-Friendly Countries Where You Can Move To Easily

immigration friendly countries
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1219

If you have big plans to move abroad, start afresh, learn a new language, immerse yourself in the customs, traditions and just vibrant scenery of an exotic land, then your dreams can be fulfilled. While many countries are attempting to tackle the number of immigrants from entering the country, immigration is definitely getting harder. More often than not you’d need to have exemplary skills to acquire a visa for a developed country. Nevertheless, you don’t have to drop your plans for settling abroad. Here are 6 immigration friendly countries where you can move to easily.

1. Uruguay

Nestled slightly north of Argentina, Uruguay is known for its wine and Tango. It boasts of clean streets, a stable economy, and a reasonably priced healthcare. It’s one of the best countries to live in South America. The immigration policy of Uruguay is also a simple one.  To apply for citizenship, you must live in the country for five years or just three years if you’re married. Interestingly, the minute you land in Uruguay your clock to get citizenship starts ticking already.

immigration friendly countries

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2. Singapore

With squeaky clean roads, bustling economy, tall skyscrapers and futuristic tourist spots, Singapore is every expat’s dream city. Singapore is undoubtedly Asia’s most competitive country for trade and investment. You can easily secure a Singapore PR (Permanent Resident) if you’re an S-pass holder for 6 months. To become a full-fledged citizen of Singapore, you must complete the Citizenship Ceremony. This involves singing the National anthem, reciting the pledge and then taking a group photo. Since English is the main language of business and it’s a family-friendly society, you’d feel at home here.

3. Mexico

Tacos, burritos, nachos are just around the corner. With traditional spicy food and warm culture just like India, you wouldn’t miss home much, when you’re here. Mexico has a GDP of $1.258 trillion as per World Bank in 2019. This top exporter of agricultural products, oil and manufactured goods has a diverse economy. To get Mexican citizenship, you must have residency in the country for 5 years or just 2 years if you’re married to a Mexican citizen. Apart from this, it’s important to learn Spanish and take an exam in Mexican history for the naturalization process. Mexico is a sought after place for investors so they can expand their businesses by tying up with Mexican companies.

immigration friendly countries

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4. Australia

From natural wonders like beaches, islands to bustling cafe culture and welcoming food industry, Australia gives you hundreds of reasons to settle here. So it’s not really surprising that many people are choosing to immigrate here. To immigrate here you can choose to geet either a work or a student visa. All you have to do to move here is to prove to the government that you will help improve and contribute to the economy. With good job prospects and warm culture, this could be your new haven.

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5. Panama

Panama over the years boasts of some of the easiest immigration laws in comparison to other countries. Pristine beaches and bustling economy thanks to tourism, are great reasons why people wish to settle here. To become a permanent resident, you don’t need to pass any language or citizenship test. If you stay here for a minimum of 5 years of permanent residency, you can apply for citizenship. Immigrating to Panama is surely a cakewalk if you’re a citizen of a ‘Friendly Nation’. However, Panama doesn’t permit dual citizenship, so you’d have to renounce the citizenship of your home country.

immigration friendly countries

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6. Canada

Apart from the USA, many Indians prefer to settle down in Canada. After all, it’s one of the safest countries to live in and one o the easiest to immigrate to in 2020. This friendly nation has stunning landscapes, impressive education and healthcare systems and lots of immigrants, resulting in shared cultures. Infact, skilled workers can also get Express Entry which can grant them permanent residency.


So, here are 6 countries that are easy to immigrate to. You can plan on settling here and starting afresh.

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