In Addition To Paid Day, UAE Residents Will Also Enjoy Paid Parking On Prophet’s Birthday

by Ishita Agarwal
In Addition To Paid Day, UAE Residents Will Also Enjoy Paid Parking On Prophet’s Birthday

To celebrate Prophet’s birthday on October 8, 2022, the Sharjah City Municipality has declared that all public parking lots in the city would be free of charge. Paid parking spots in the zones, subject to the paid parking system on weekends and official holidays, are not affected by the ruling. There are blue parking signs indicating the charged areas. 

Safety Measures Are Taken In All The Parking Spaces 

The local government has warned drivers to observe parking regulations during the holiday weekend. However, a spokesperson for Sharjah City Municipality said the city was eager to provide parking spaces to residents and visitors during the holiday, especially in key areas and places of tourist attractions. It will continue to inspect parking spaces in the city to prevent unauthorised parking and other related violations. 

From midnight on Saturday, October 8, to 7:59 am on Monday, October 10, parking and tolls will be free of charge. Musaffah M-18 truck parking spots will also be accessible during the national holiday. In addition, customers in the emirate may access ITC’s services through its website.

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When Is Prophet’s Birthday Observed? 

The majority of Islamic nations, including the Gulf states, celebrate the birthday of the Prophet on Rabi’ Al-Awwal 12, 1444, the third month of the Islamic calendar. Saturday, October 8, is a paid holiday for both governmental and private sector workers in the United Arab Emirates. 

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On Prophet’s Birthday, private and public sector employees are getting paid leaves, so you can plan your holiday already! 

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