In Kerala, Visit This 2000-Year-Old Sacred Spot Dedicated To Kali Atop A Hill

by Sanmita A
In Kerala, Visit This 2000-Year-Old Sacred Spot Dedicated To Kali Atop A Hill

Kerala is undisputedly God’s own country with luscious greens, pretty skies and abundant natural beauty. From times immemorial, tourists and travellers have been visiting these places to soak in the scenic beauty. And, even now, there are tons of places in Kerala that are yet to be discovered and remain hidden gems. One such wondrous spot is the Kaleeshwari Temple, located on top of a hill in Wayanad. The temple is dedicated to Hindu Goddess Kali and emits a mystic vibe. It is a 2,000 years old temple that still stands majestically on Kattikulam Thirunelli Road. 

Goddess Kali Temple  Hidden Spot In The Jungles Of Wayanad

If you are travelling towards Wayanad, don’t miss out on visiting this mystic temple dedicated to the powerful Goddess Kali. Set in the middle of a forest, you can see the temple’s location on the way to Thirunelli Temple. This Kali Temple sits amid a wildlife sanctuary and is popularly known as the Thirunelli Road temple. If you are a history buff and love ancient structures, this is a true marvel you’ll witness which was built in the 16th century. We are in total awe of this mystic temple in between a forest. Catch a glimpse of the Kaleeshwari Temple here: 

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Other Temples In Wayanad, Kerala

After a visit to this mystic temple in Wayanad, the Thirunelli Temple should be on your list. The Thirunelli temple has a rich history and is dedicated to Lord Mahavishnu. It is located 32 km from Manathavady and is a sight to behold in Kerala. Some texts tell us that this temple is 1500 years old. And it is a popular belief that a visit to this temple will remove all your sins. There are tons of beliefs and stories surrounding this temple in Wayanad, and we are honestly only amazed by it all. To know more about the Thirunelli Temple, head here

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