In The Holy City Of Haridwar, You Will Find Blasphemous Momo Aloo Patty. Food Crime!

by Shreya Rathod
In The Holy City Of Haridwar, You Will Find Blasphemous Momo Aloo Patty. Food Crime!

Momos are among the most favourite street food items. And we can’t get enough of this — whether it’s steamed or fried! These piping-hot momos are comfort food too. And not to mention the spicy chutney that’s served with it. The delicious flavours bursting in our mouths are heavenly. However, just like other mouth-watering delicacies, this one is ruined for us! Have you heard about ‘Momo Aloo Patty’? Well, a street vendor in Uttarakhand’s Haridwar serves this horrendous fusion — and it was captured by a food blogger, foodpandits.

Momo Aloo Patty: The Unexpectable Fusion!


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We are familiar with aloo patties served at bakeries. And what a delicacy they are! However, this street vendor in Haridwar has officially ruined both aloo patties and momos! A food blogger, foodpandits, has posted an Instagram reel featuring a new fusion named ‘Momo Aloo Patty’. The video starts with the vendor cutting an aloo patty in half. Then, he tears up momos and spreads its pieces over the aloo patty. Finally, he adds aloo bhujiya, onions, tomato ketchup and momo chutney over it.

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Netizens react To This Horrifying Dish

momo aloo patty
Credits: foodpandits/ Instagram

Netizens are going crazy at the thought of even looking at this horrendous dish! A user has even suggested adding cement to the dish for a better taste! While according to another user, this is a complete package to destroy your health. And he’s right! One of the users apologised to the aloo patty on behalf of human beings for this crime.

Among the sea of dislikes, some people thought this was actually a delicious combination. One of them wrote that she likes both aloo patties and momos and this will be a good combination.

There have been a variety of momo fusions, like tandoori momos, gravy momos, etc. Moreover, they are served with different dips, including mayonnaise. And not to mention the Momo pizzas served by Pizza Hut. However, this combination was one of the most horrifying ones. The mix of aloo patty and momos screamed ‘maida’ for us! And this was a little too much to accept.

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Anyways, tell us your thoughts about this Momo Aloo Patty in the comments below.

Cover Image Courtesy: foodpandits/ Instagram