India Is All Set To Welcome Cheetahs After 70 Years; Big Cats From Namibia Are Coming!

by Sanmita A
India Is All Set To Welcome Cheetahs After 70 Years; Big Cats From Namibia Are Coming!

After 70 long years of extinction of the cheetahs, India is once again welcoming these majestic animals into the country from Namibia. A total of eight cheetahs will be travelling all the way from Namibia on cargo planes to India’s Madhya Pradesh, where they will be in quarantine for a month. Officially, the cheetahs will be released on September 17 by Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Additionally, the release date of these cheetahs in India is also PM Modi’s birthday. Read on to know all the details about Cheetah Reintroduction & all that’s going to happen!

Cheetahs To Be Released At Kuno-Palpur National Park, Bhopal

The release of these animals will mark an important day, as these animals were last present in our country in the year seven decades ago. The Cheetah reintroduction programme in India was meant to be initiated in 2019 itself but was further delayed due to the pandemic. As per the Hindustan Times report, the cheetahs will arrive in Rajasthan on September 17 morning. Thereafter, they will be transferred to Bhopal’s national park via helicopters. To keep cheetahs from feeling sick, authorities will ensure that these animals are empty stomached. As precautions, the cheetahs will eat nothing before beginning their journey.

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Cheetahs In India To Be Quarantined & Acclimatised Before Being Let Out In The Wild

As per rules, it is mandatory for animals to be quarantined after they are relocated from one continent to another for a month period. As for the Cheetahs, they will first be quarantined in small spaces initially and move to a little bigger space. Then, once they are comfortable within the span of a couple of months, the Cheetahs will finally be let out in the wild. Before moving to another continent as well, these Cheetahs were kept in quarantine. The Indian environmental authorities were connected with the Namibian side to carry on the operations of this huge event.

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The Wild Cats Who Will Be A Part Of This Landmark Event In India

These Cheetahs arriving in India from Namibia consist of five females and three males. These cheetahs are arriving in Jaipur on B747 Jumbo Set to ensure their safety and convenience. This aircraft doesn’t need to refuel on the way or make halts as it will fly directly from Namibia to India. They will be encaged, and a team of veterinary doctors will also be available in flight for any emergency purposes. A team of eight officials from India and Namibia, are on this mission of the Cheetah Reintroduction programme in India.

This species of the wild cat was declared extinct in India in the year, 1952.

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