India Says ‘Aloo You’, 65% Indians Love Potato Snacks Be It Fasting Or Feasting

by Tejashee Kashyap
India Says ‘Aloo You’, 65% Indians Love Potato Snacks Be It Fasting Or Feasting

The love for snacking on potatoes is deeply rooted in the sensory experience they offer. Whether enjoyed as a side dish or the main attraction, potatoes have earned their place as one of the world’s favourite snack foods. Moreover, there’s a potato snack for every palate and occasion. The simple potato emerges as a beloved protagonist in the rich tapestry of Navratri traditions, when a vegetarian cuisine takes the stage.

Flavourful Variety For All Season

The India Snacking Report by Godrej Yummiez finds that 65% of Indians choose potato snacks. A staple in popular Navratri dishes like Sabudana Khichdi, Aloo Tikki, Aloo Chat, and Cutlets, its surprising adaptability gives the holiday spread an enticing allure.

A staggering 65% of Indians declare their fondness for potato-based snacks, a sentiment that is true all year long and not only during Navratri. This attachment to the potato transcends seasons. When preferences are compared across areas, it is clear from the Godrej Yummiez survey:

  • East India has the largest preference for potato-based snacks, scoring an astonishing 69%
  • With a score of 68%, North India takes second place
  • The West area earns third place with a commendable 65%
  • With a score of 62%, the South area comes in fourth place in terms of preference for snacks made of potatoes.

Who Loves These Potatoes More?

One interesting conclusion from The India Snacking Report by Godrej Yummiez is that gender differences exist in preferences for these snacks:

  • 70% of women say they prefer these delicious delights.
  • While only 60% of males indicate a similar choice.

In-depth research on urban demography reveals that 69% of people in thriving metropolises have a preference these snacks. A sizeable 60% of the population in Tier II cities also shows a comparable liking for these delicious goods.

The survey was carried out in 10 cities, including Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Delhi, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. It also included the North, South, West, and East areas.

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Potato Snacks Are Comfort Food

From crispy, golden French fries to hearty and satisfying potato skins loaded with toppings, there’s a snack for every palate. The diversity ensures that we can find something to satisfy our specific flavour cravings.

Potatoes are widely available and relatively inexpensive, making them accessible to a broad range of people. This affordability allows individuals from all walks of life to enjoy the pleasure of snacking on potatoes without breaking the bank. In many cultures, potatoes are an integral part of traditional cuisine. This cultural significance further solidifies the love for potato snacks.

Potatoes have an innate ability to evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia. When we snack on potatoes, we often recall cherished memories of family gatherings, holidays, and cosy evenings. The familiar and comforting taste is like a warm hug for our taste buds. This nostalgia, coupled with the simplicity of enjoying a straightforward, mouthwatering snack, contributes to our love for potatoes.

So, how do you love snacking on potatoes?

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