India Ships Its 1st Plant-Based Meat, Vegan Samosas, Momos & More To US

by Vinita Jain
India Ships Its 1st Plant-Based Meat, Vegan Samosas, Momos & More To US

On Wednesday, a plant-based protein food company GREENEST dispatched its first shipment of Indian plant-based meat from Gujrat to the United States. According to a notice from the Food Export Development, the 5,000-kilogram shipment consisted of momos, spring rolls, hot and spicy strips, nuggets, grilled patties, and more vegan products.

GREENEST has partnered with Wholesome Foods to export plant-based products to the United States. GREENEST founder Gaurav Sharma said the company has received ‘great interest’ from overseas markets. This could make plant-based meats and vegan foods a new addition to India’s export basket.

Many Indians Are Opting For Plant-Based Meat Products

The meatless market in India is driven by health-conscious consumers and a flexible population. And after this huge development in the food industry, the plant-based meat sector in India is going to climb the stairs quickly.

“This is just the beginning and we hope that India becomes a hub for the growing global demand for plant-based vegan products,” said APEDA’s Chairman M. Angamuthu in a conversation with BL.

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Influence Of Veganism In India

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From meat to dairy, from sustainable to plant-based, India has seen huge changes in dietary practices that are influencing many people to change their choices every day. Over the past years, veganism has made a big splash around the world. Virat-Anushka Say That They Miss The Taste Of Meat But Are Following A No-Meat Diet

PETA and many other similar associations have shed major light on veganism. This perception is therefore a huge factor for some vegans. Veganism implies the complete absence of animal products allowing animals to live safely. While the mainstream Indian diet is vegan, items such as milk, and ice cream are part of the daily menu. These foods cannot be easily replaced.

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However, restaurants and cafes in metro cities have started curating vegan menus. More and more people are going through the transition and becoming vegans. Grocery stores have vegan sidewalks, vegan e-commerce stores are thriving, and even small urban communities and towns have vegan products and plant-based meats available for sale.

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