Indian Jawan Works His Way Through Waist-Deep Snow, Netizens Marvel At His Bravery

by Tooba Shaikh
Indian Jawan Works His Way Through Waist-Deep Snow, Netizens Marvel At His Bravery

The bravery of Indian soldiers, our Indian Jawans is already well-known. We know that these bravehearts suffer through conditions so extreme that some of us cannot even dream of getting through. To a lot of us, it seems unimaginable to go to such great lengths. Here’s a clip that shows just a fraction of the difficulty that our Jawans have to go through on a daily basis. Watch it and see how these real-life superheroes live every day.

Indian Jawan Digs Himself Out Of Waist-Deep Snow

The clip was posted on 25th December 2022 on the famous micro-blogging site Twitter. The user, Major General Raju Chauhan, captioned the video “Notice the smile on [the] face of this young soldier.” The video is nearly 30 seconds long and shows a smiling soldier struggling to make his way through the snow. The Jawan in the video is without gloves and is holding a gun. The primary reason for his struggle is that the soldier is visibly buried up to his waist in the snow. The weather is so extreme and it has snowed so much that it has now piled up and is restricting the movements of these Jawans, one of whom we see struggling in the video.

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Netizens Marvel At The Jawan’s Bravery

This video understandably struck a chord with the other users of the platform. Many were admiring the Jawan for his and other Jawans’ struggles in protecting the country from foreign elements. One user named Kumar Gaurav #GlazersOut said, “What a tough life these heroes have and yet they live every moment with smiles on their faces. Million salute. Indebted forever.”

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Cover Image Credits: @SoldierNationF1/Twitter