Indian Man Travelled To USA From India With Forged Passport; Booked On Return After 18 Years

Indian Man USA Forged Passport
by Suchismita Pal
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An Indian man, who had travelled to the United States in the year 2002, has been booked on grounds of ‘forged passport’ after 18 years, on his return to India. As per TOI reports, Kirti Kumar Patel, had allegedly travelled to the United States from India in 2002 on someone else’s passport. On his return to India in 2020, officials at Delhi’s IGI airport held him as his documents did not show any previous travel history to the US. They could not find his previous passport details. Patel’s counsels Jaitegan Singh Khurana and Uday Bedi have however maintained that he has been falsely charged in the current FIR. Patel even moved to the court seeking protection from arrest, but the court rejected his plea. The court held that incidents like these “tarnish the image of India in general and of Indian citizens in particular, travelling aboard”.

Indian Man USA Forged Passport

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Indian Man Had Travelled To USA In 2002 Using Someone Else’s Passport; Booked On Return In 2020

The officials at Delhi airport recently booked a man named Kirti Kumar Patel for allegedly travelling to the US in 2002 with someone’s else passport. 61-year old Patel is a native of Ahmedabad. He arrived in India from Chicago, and according to the FIR against him, the passport that Patel had presented did not have any information about his journey from India to the US. His lawyers have however pointed out the FIR as a false accusation, adding that Patel is having serious health issues. They also asked for an anticipatory bail, which the officials have rejected. According to TOI, Judge Rana said, “Considering the nature and seriousness of allegations, I am not inclined to release the applicant/accused on anticipatory bail. Hence, his bail application stands rejected.” The Air Intelligence Unit at Kerala’s Kozhikode International Airport nabbed another man for smuggling gold inside N-95 mask.

Indian Man USA Forged Passport

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Section 419 And Section 420 Of IPC Imposed On Patel

The Indira Gandhi International Airport police station registered an FIR against Patel under Section 419 ( Punishment for Cheating by Personation) and Section 420 (Cheating and Dishonesty Inducing Delivery Of Property) of Indian Penal Code. The Fir also charged relevant provisions of The Passports Act,1967 against Patel. The FIR stated, “During scrutiny of this travel document, it was observed that his last departure record was not found as his previous passport details were not available…It suggested that he might have departed from India using someone else’s passport. By doing so, he might have cheated Indian immigration.”

Indian Man USA Forged Passport

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This incident clearly proves that wrongdoers cannot escape the eyes of the law and might end up facing the deserved punishment even after years. Meanwhile, here’s a step by step beginner’s guide for boarding an international flight:

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