Indian Man Who Escapes Quarantine In Auckland Faces Penalty Of 4000 Dollars And Jail Sentence

by Suchismita Pal
Indian Man Who Escapes Quarantine In Auckland Faces Penalty Of 4000 Dollars And Jail Sentence

A man who recently returned to New Zealand’s Auckland from India and tested positive for coronavirus will have to face a jail sentence of six months, along with a fine of $4000  for flouting isolation rules. The 32-year old man had reached Auckland from Delhi on July 3 and was housed in an isolation facility. He escaped the eye of the security guard and ran away from the quarantine centre to a supermarket on Victoria Street West. As per reports, he had spent around 20 minutes in the market area.

Indian Man Testing COVID-19 Positive In Auckland Visits Supermarket, Faces Charges

The man who violated the safety regulations is the latest case of COVID-19 in New Zealand. He was an asymptomatic patient of the virus. Health Minister Chris Hipkins has called the man’s movements as ‘selfish’ and said that he will face charges. He added that the episode was not a failure of the government’s methods, but the processes would be reviewed; if anyone should apologise, it was the man who defied the law. A security guard was watching the area but confused the man with contractors. The alarm was raised within minutes but security was not able to find the man.

Picture Credits: Pixabay

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No Close Contact Of The Man With Any Staff Or Customer

The supermarket staff are now self-isolating and will also be tested for the virus. “CCTV footage from within the supermarket has confirmed there was no close contact between the man and any staff or customers during his time there,” head of managed isolation and quarantine Air Commodore Darryn Webb said. In another bizarre incident, a French man tried walking to Spain for cheap cigarettes, crossing mountains. The man chose to hike but probably didn’t know the nuts and bolts of trekking. In the middle of the mountains, he simply lost his way and fell into the creek. A helicopter was finally sent to pick up the helpless man, who was spanked with a whopping fine of £120 for defying the coronavirus lockdown rules.

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New Zealand has nearly 1540 confirmed cases now with 22 deaths. Around 1494 patients have already recovered in the country. The country has been tackling the pandemic quite effectively, thanks to its stringent lockdown policies. On that note, let us take you on a virtual tour to New Zealand from the comfy of your couch: