UP Family Eats Ganja Sabzi Thinking That It Is Methi

by Suchismita Pal
UP Family Eats Ganja Sabzi Thinking That It Is Methi

We often confuse between leafy vegetables, don’t we? And this confusion made an entire family in Uttar Pradesh land up in a hospital. In an extremely strange incident, six members of the family ate up ‘ganja sabzi’ thinking that its methi or fenugreek. Due to the overconsumption of weed, they soon started feeling dizzy and requested the neighbours to call a doctor. When the neighbours contacted the doctor, the family members became unconscious. Read on to know how things started.

Family Consumes Ganja, Mistaking It For Methi

The incident happened in UP’s Miyaganj village. As per reports, a vegetable seller named Naval Kishore gave a packet of weed or ganja instead of methi to a man named Nitesh, to play a prank on him. Nitesh carried the packet home and handed it to his sister-in-law. Totally unaware about the joke, she started making a sabzi with potatoes and weed. She had intended to cook aloo-methi, but her preparation turned out to be aloo-ganja instead. The six members of the family consumed the sabzi and soon, their health started deteriorating. They hurriedly asked the neighbours to contact the doctor. All the fainted family members were hospitalized. After investigation, police found out that the sabzi in the kadhai was actually ganja. The cops seized the uncooked ganja as well and detained the vegetable seller. The family members are in recovering now.

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ganja UP
Picture Credits: Unsplash

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Delivery Boy Arrested For Peddling Weed

Marijuana or weed is used in negligible quantities in food on various occasions. Ganja and bhaang, both come from the same plant. Many people enjoy bhang ke pakode, bhang ke malpoe and thandai during Holi. But according to reports, excessive consumption of weed can cause memory problems, burning mouth, increased heart rate, hallucinations and loss of sense. Earlier, in May, the police had arrested a 25-year old food delivery agent who was peddling ganja in Chennai under the guise of delivering food. Also, a milkman in Delhi was caught by the cops for carrying liquor inside milk containers.

ganja UP
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