Indians Ordered 2.28 Biryanis Per Second, 127 Per Minute In 2022 & We Are Proudly One Of Them

by Shreya Ghosh
Indians Ordered 2.28 Biryanis Per Second, 127 Per Minute In 2022 & We Are Proudly One Of Them

Feeling glum? Let’s order some biryanis. Feeling grumpy? Let’s order a plate of biryani with extra chutney. Feeling excited and happy? We surely need to gorge on some lip-smacking biryani. No matter what the situation is, biryani is always the one dish that we will order again and again. We can never be tired of this rice dish and it is now officially proven according to a report by Swiggy!

Biryanis Are The Most-Ordered Food Of 2022!

Swiggy, the online food ordering and delivery platform, released data recently and it precisely shows every Indian’s appreciation and love for loads and loads of biryanis. To be very honest, the result won’t surprise most of us as we surely have lost count of how many times we placed an order for biryanis. This rice dish is surely a soul food for many and biryani lovers are surely very excited to see this record.

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According to this Swiggy data, Indians ordered about 127 biryanis in just a minute! Can you believe that we ordered 2.28 biryanis (approx.) each second in 2022? This most-loved dish setting such new records surely feels like a personal achievement.

Masala Dosa Ranks The Second!


South Indian breakfast is a favourite of many, no matter which part they belong to. And one of the most popular South Indian foods, Masala Dosa is the second-most ordered food this year according to the data released by Swiggy. Are you on team masala dosa or sada dosa or no dosa at all?

Samosas are just after biryanis and masala dosas for being India’s third most-ordered food this year. And we are quite sure that most of these samosas were ordered for pairing up with a cup of garam chai.

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Sweet lovers ordered gulab jamun about 27 lakh times, followed by rasmalai about 16 lakh times, and choco lava more than 10 lakh times.

All You Need To Know About This Swiggy Study:

  • Indians did not only order the desi foods like biryanis and samosas. Swiggy recorded dishes such as Bibimbap of Korean cuisine and Ravioli of Italian cuisine getting popular this year.
  • 2022 also saw a spike among foodies in ordering new flavours such as Korean spicy ramen, Mexican food, and sushi.
  • Folks of Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and Pune placed most orders for healthy food items.

Did your favourite food make it to this list?

Cover Image Courtesy: Pixabay