India’s First Silent Yoga Session Is Happening In Sunder Nursery Delhi This Weekend!

by Vidisha Khaitan
India’s First Silent Yoga Session Is Happening In Sunder Nursery Delhi This Weekend!

Silent activities is the new trend. Silent concerts, silent fights and silent discourse. We have found a way you can beat your silent stress silently. The Indians have led the world to a way of life: the way of yoga. Now, we must of course follow the trend! India’s hosting its first silent yoga session this weekend. We’ll see you there! 

What is it 

By now most of us are familiar with the concept. Are memories of ‘The Break-up Song’ flashing before you in black and white? Alia Bhatt rocking the floor, everybody wearing giant headphones! Now replace the music with instructions and the dance floor with yoga mats. There you have it. Silent yoga aims to silence the world so you can solely concentrate on the yoga itself. It’s actually a novel idea. Community yoga always brings positive vibes into our lives. You’ll be wearing headphones which will cancel out excess noise and play the instructor’s soothing guidance.  

silent yoga
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What you need 

Carry your own yoga mats. Water will be provided at the venue. Also carry an ID proof after booking your tickets which are non-refundable. We also recommend carrying a hand towel because they’re going to make you sweat! 

What’s more 

None other than Silent Owl is organizing this event. Delhi has seen a splash of cool events like these lately. They’ve painted the town red and no one can see it except the participants. Silent concerts have been organised all over the city and are gaining popularity.  

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This is a great way to make some noise without bothering thy neighbour. We do love thy neighbour. Silent yoga is going to be a test for Delhi’s commitment to a healthier life. The venue is testament to the philosophy behind this event. Sunder Nursery is a place of peace. The greenery and tranquility you seek has been right here this whole time. Maybe this could be an opportunity for us to expand our horizons! Make your weekends count. 

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Where: Sunder Nursery, Near Humayun’s Tomb, Nizamuddin 

When: February 1st – 2nd 

Time: 8:00 AM – 10:00 AM 

Tickets: ₹250 

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