India’s Vada Pav & Jalebi Make It To 50 Best Street Foods Of Asia List

by Sanjana Shenoy
India’s Vada Pav & Jalebi Make It To 50 Best Street Foods Of Asia List

Asia has a thriving street food culture. Narrow lanes are adorned with sizzling aromas of kebabs. Foodies flock around food carts to gorge on delicious freshly prepared snacks. The flavours of street food awaken the senses and celebrate vibrant cultures. CNN, in partnership with Turkish Airlines, has released a list of the 50 Best Street Foods of Asia. And guess what foodies? India’s favourite Vada Pav and Jalebi are recognised in this coveted list as the best street foods in Asia.

India’s Vada Pav & Jalebi On 50 Best Street Foods Of Asia List

CNN’s 50 Best Street Foods of Asia list has ruled out foods from the Middle East and Central Asia. This is because it rightly deserves a separate pool given its vast variety. Foodies are celebrating as Maharashtra’s beloved Vada Pav- a snack of spiced fried potato cradled in the soft pav, filled with spicy garlic chutney has added a feather to its cap. Officially recognised on CNN’s list as one of the best street foods in Asia, Vada Pav has the right to gloat and how.

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Other Street Foods From Across The World On The List

Jalebi, the crispy spiral-shaped sweet dunked in sugar syrup is another Indian street food to make it to the coveted list. The 13th-century sweet finds its origins in Persia where it was called ‘zalabiya’. There are many local varieties of jalebi like paneer jalebi and jahangir, equally loved by foodies. Other street foods from neighbouring Asian nations include Vietnam’s Banh mi, Sri Lanka’s Achcharu, Bangladesh’s Fuchka, Pakistan’s Bun Kebab, and Thailand’s Crab Omelette to name a few.