5 Delicious Varieties Of Jalebis That You Have Been Missing Out On!

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 1211

The feeling of biting into a crispy jalebi, tasting the sweet sugary syrup as you lean in for another one, is truly an unparalleled feeling. Whether it’s the combination of fafda jalebi or rabdi jalebi, as long as you can crunch, munch and devour your favorite Indian mithai, the world will always be a sweeter place. And if you’re a true jalebi fan then you must try these 5 delicious varieties of jalebis.

1. Khoya Jalebi

While you might find khoya in gajar ka halwa or gujiya, did you know that Jabalpur in India prepares jalebis from khoya? A speciality from Jabalpur,Madhya Pradesh, khoya jalebi or mawa jalebi is one of the most sought after desserts. Prepare with thickened evaporated milk with a little maida acts as a binding agent to make these scrumptious jalebis. Top it up with fresh malai or cold milk, and you’d know what heaven tastes like.

types of jalebis

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2. Jaleba

Forget jalebi, as you can stuff your face with jaleba. This is the baap of all jalebis. Prepared mainly in North India, especially in Gohana, Haryana, jaleba is a mithai fit for the kings and queens. Weiging over 250gm or sometimes even 500gm, jaleba is prepared in desi ghee. It’s thick, king sized and you need an entire army to help you finish it. Mumbaikars can visit Satu’s to munch on a giant jalebi weighing a whopping 1kg. 

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3. Jangiri

Whether you prefer to call it imarti, amriti, omriti, jahangir or jangiri, this flower shaped jalebi is considered to be a healthier option compared to jalebi. Originated from North India, jangiri is prepared from ground urad dal. It’s gooey and more chewy compared to the thin crispy jalebi. This heavy hearted variety of jalebi is nevertheless super tasty. And you must try it at least once in your lifetime.

types of jalebis

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4. Paneer Jalebi

Get the best of both worlds, paneer and jalebi with the paneer jalebi. Made from cottage cheese or paneer, this type of jalebi is also called chanar jalebi. Prepared with full cream milk, all purpose flour and lemon juice, it’s browner and thicker than its North Indian counterpart. Popular in West Bengal, paneer jalebi is wholesome and sinfully delectable. But you must consume it within 24 hours of preparation since it has a short shelf life.

types of jalebis

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5. Aloo Ki Jalebi

This will be one of the most rare and unusual varieties of jalebi, you’d have ever come across. But yes, it does exist. aloo ki jalebi or aloo jalebi is prepared from boiled potatoes, maida, curd, ghee, sugar and cardamom. It’s a binding agent that makes the jalebis dense and tasty. While this jalebi will taste sweet, some people also make a savoury version of it byusing chaat masala. Gurugram has a 72-year-old iconic jalebi abode named Sardarji Jalebi Wale to fulfil your sweet cravings. 

So, these are some of the most delicious varieties of jalebis that you must try if you’re a fan of the crispy mithai. Meanwhile, if you’re mouth is watering for jalebis, then try out Old Delhi’s black jalebis. 

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