Indigo Delhi-Bagdogra Flight A Nightmare For Fliers With No-AC, Locked Inside The Aircraft; Airline Responds

All passengers had to wait inside the aircraft without any functional ACs.

by Shreya Ghosh
Indigo Delhi-Bagdogra Flight A Nightmare For Fliers With No-AC, Locked Inside The Aircraft; Airline Responds

Imagine this: sitting inside an enclosed place for over an hour with no fans or AC in this scorching heat. Sounds horrible, right? Recently, passengers on an IndiGo flight from Delhi to Bagdogra had to experience a similar condition as the flight was delayed by over an hour. The present weather conditions in Delhi are unbearable. Sadly, passengers had to sit inside the closed aircraft and many among them faced breathing issues too. What triggered this chaotic situation? Read on to know about this much-talked-about incident.

ACs Were Not Working On IndiGo Delhi-Bagdogra Flight

Indigo Delhi Bagdogra Flight
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

The flight was delayed at the Indira Gandhi International Airport leaving passengers in a distressing situation. Neither the airline provided travellers with air conditioners nor they could step out of the aircraft. Older people started feeling sick on the suffocated flight, according to a report by Times Now News. Several videos of the unfortunate incident are making rounds on social media platforms.

Passengers were furious about the airline’s flight 6E 2521 delay and all the inconveniences they had to suffer in this sweltering heat in Delhi. According to multiple reports, onboard people complained that not a single AC was functional and they were forced to sit inside the flight for more than an hour. We can only imagine how tiring and worrisome the journey was for them.

The incident grabbed everyone’s attention online. The news and updates about the recent Delhi-Bagdogra flight delay and the airline’s services raised eyebrows and caused major chaos. It is one of the multiple recent incidents of IndiGo where travellers complained about poor services and several inconveniences.

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The Airline Released A Statement

Indigo Delhi Bagdogra Flight
Picture credit- Wikimedia Commons

IndiGo released a press statement on Monday stating the reason for delaying the flight between Delhi and Bagdogra. Its departure was delayed for more than an hour because of high ground temperatures impeding operations. The statement read, “IndiGo flight 6E 2521 from Delhi to Bagdogra delayed due to high ground temperatures impeding operations”. Regretting about the inconveniences, IndiGo added that passengers have been updated regularly.

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Have you ever faced a similar experience while travelling with IndiGo or other airlines?

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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