Indonesia Is Going To Launch A Golden Visa! Here’s All About Its Validity, Visa Waiver And More

by Shreya Rathod
Indonesia Is Going To Launch A Golden Visa! Here’s All About Its Validity, Visa Waiver And More

Indonesia is a beautiful country which offers scenic views. It is filled with tropical beaches, historical and cultural sites and one of its famous tourist attractions, Bali! The Indonesian government is going to launch a Golden Visa programme, and here’s all about it.

Indonesia To Start A Golden Visa Programme!

indonesia golden visa
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By the end of this year, Golden Visa will be made available to tourists in Indonesia, according to current plans. According to sources, under Indonesia’s Golden Visa policy, international companies or foreign individuals that make a sizable investment in the nation through commerce or tourism will not need a visa. The policy will have a five- and ten-year validity period. This form of visa has several benefits, one of which is faster and more organised procedures.

In fact, a long-term visitor’s ability to acquire property in Indonesia will also be permitted. A fast-track citizenship application procedure for holders of the Golden Visa is also being discussed, however, there haven’t been any details on the price yet.

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Aim To Launch The Programme By The End Of This Year

indonesia golden visa
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With this visa policy, Indonesia has jumped on the bandwagon of numerous nations that grant lengthy visas to visitors who can make a particular amount of financial investments in their nations. This list contains numerous nations, including Mexico, Greece, Canada, Costa Rica, and Sri Lanka.

According to Indonesia’s Minister for Tourism and Creative Economies, Sandiaga Uno, they want to ensure that the Golden Visa offer would entice international visitors to make investments and remain in Indonesia for a longer period of time. Before the end of the third quarter, they aim to be definite about the launch.

During a launch event on the vacation island, Acting Director General for Immigration Widodo Ekatjahjana stated that this is a non-fiscal incentive for certain foreigners to make a positive contribution to the Indonesian economy.

The country is one of the most culturally diverse places on Earth. With volcanoes and being a culmination of 17,000 unique islands, Indonesia is a popular tourist destination!

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