12 Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Shillong You Must Hit When In Town

Click some bomb dot com pictures at these gorgeous cafes in Shillong!

by Ankita Mazumdar
12 Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Shillong You Must Hit When In Town

Shillong is known for its charm and specifically, its Instagram-worthy cafes. The town is a great place for people who love to spend lazy evenings sipping coffee and enjoying spectacular views. The most loved hill station in the North East, it is the most preferred destination for people who want to escape the city’s maddening heat.  When here, along with the weather, you will also love how aesthetically rich the city is, with small and cute cafes located in every nook and corner.

12 Instagram-Worthy Cafes In Shillong You’ll Love

1. Shillong Cafe


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Shillong Cafe has the most amazing ambience with exquisite interiors, friendly staff and a rich menu. The cafe has a beautiful balcony which oversees the busy Shillong streets. Besides that, you’ll love what the cafe has to offer. Located right in the heart of the city, this cafe will also give you the right and aesthetic shots you might be waiting to click on!

Where: Don Bosco, Nongkynrih, Laitumkhrah, Shillong

When:  12 PM – 10 PM

Cost For Two: ₹1000

2. Dylan’s Cafe

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Dylan’s Cafe is one of the most Instagram-worthy cafes in Shillong which stands out for its Bob Dylan-themed interiors. You can experience musical evenings here, and food and beverages which are an absolute delight.

Where: Tripura Castle Rd, Dhankheti, Malki

When: 11:30 AM – 9:30 PM

Cost For Two: ₹1000

3. Grub’s Cafe

Grub’s Cafe serves the most delicious, lip-smacking sweet treats, cheesecake and snacks. What sets it apart is its open roof sitting place along with the books which are kept for the customers. Needless to say, Grub’s Cafe will provide you with the Instagram photos that your followers will adore!

Where:  Laitumkhrah Main Rd, Nongkynrih, Laitumkhrah

When: 1 PM – 8:30 PM

Cost For Two: ₹800

4. The Living Roof


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Wish to see the sunset without moving to the outskirts? Then, the Living Roof Cafe is your place to be. The place has a happy vibe, with local artists performing in the evening, games and yes, delicious food to satisfy the foodie in you!

Where: 153 Anders, Landmark-Near Shillong College, Bomfyle Road

Cost For Two: ₹800

5. Open Up Cafe

Located a little on the outskirts of the city, the Open Up cafe is a great place to experience some solitude and at the same time, a must-go place for families too. It has the brightest interiors, a variety of food items and games too. So, if you have kids, this place will not be a disappointment.

Where: Mawlai, Mawroh, Pdengshnong

When: 1:30 PM – 9:30 PM, closed on Monday

Cost For Two: ₹1000

6. You & I – Arts Cafe

Did you also start humming the famous One Direction song ‘You & I’ when you read out this cafe’s name? Cause SAME! Directioners uniting at this cute cafe in Shillong. It has lavish furniture and food is served on banana leaves. This is an ode to the typical dining style here. Hence it would be better to order authentic Khasi dishes.

Where: Mawroh-Mawtawar Road, Umshing-Mawkynroh

When: 12 PM – 5 PM, closed on Sunday

Cost For Two: ₹900

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7. Bread Cafe


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This quaint cafe in Shillong is not just famous for its aesthetically pleasing interiors and vibe but also for its delectable food. It has huge glass windows from where you may enjoy the scenery outside and it brightens up the place. On top of the great ambience, their Instagram page is drool-worthy! Check it out.

Where: Main Road, opp. Post Office, Nongkynrih, Laitumkhrah

When: 10 AM – 9 PM

Cost For Two: ₹400

8. ML 05 Cafe


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Wait, is this a bike-themed cafe in Shillong? Hell yes! The bike enthusiasts, it’s your time to shine. Click amazing pictures at this garage-style cafe and flaunt your other bike mates. You will even find a beautiful Harley Davidson bike in the middle of the cafe, how cool. Also, do not miss out on their pizza.

Where: AH 1, Mawsynram-Shillong Rd

When: 11 AM – 8 PM

Cost For Two: ₹1000

9. Munchies


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This cafe in Shillong is a hotspot for all college students in a very pocket-friendly manner. They offer great munchies to them and hence the cafe is aptly named. The attractive thing about this is that it is a shack-like structure and you dine outside under the vibrant yellow shade. A typical college eatery!

Where: Rani Villa, Laitumkhrah Main Rd, Laitumkhrah

When: 10:30 AM – 9 PM

Cost For Two: ₹300

10. Cherry Bean Cafe


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You will not miss this cafe because even Rajkummar Rao and his wife, Patraleka do not skip visiting this cafe in Shillong. It is popular for its coffee, cheesy burgers and its inviting cosy ambience. You will have a great time here.

Where: GS Rd, Police Bazar

When: 12 PM – 10 PM

Cost For Two: ₹1000

11. Woodstock Cafe

This is located at Woodstock Farmhouse, so the atmosphere is great and you will have a lovely time with your family and friends. It is inspired by the Woodstock Festival of 1969, isn’t that exciting! It is like a tiny time shift to the iconic 1969 with modern cuisines of Indian, Chinese and continental.

Where: 8th Mile, Lumdewsaw NH40, Mylliem

12. The Heritage Club

This is a well-known cafe in Shillong where history and royalty blend to give amazing open-air seating with yummy food. The interiors are a true reflection of the city and you will be mesmerised by it. When it is time to hold festivals, the place is adorned with quirky decorations and serves authentic thalis.

Where: Tripura Castle Rd, Malki

When: 12 PM – 10 PM

Cost For Two: ₹800

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Inputs by Sanmita A and Ankita Mazumdar

Cover Image Credits: Instagram/ml05cafe and livingroofhotelcafe

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