Insurers Won’t Pay The Claim If You Cancel Your Planned Vacation To The Maldives

Will anyone's insurance claim be admissible after cancelling the scheduled holiday plans to the Maldives?

by Shreya Ghosh
Insurers Won’t Pay The Claim If You Cancel Your Planned Vacation To The Maldives

If you spend even 15 minutes on social media or reading or watching the news, you might know everything happening in the Maldives and how Indians are angry because of insulting remarks made by Maldivian ministers following Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to Lakshadweep. The hashtag of Boycott Maldives is trending on social media along with the cancellation of scheduled holidays in this country.

Many Indian Travellers Are Calling Off Their Maldivian Vacations

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The remarks and comments made by some Maldivian ministers have created a major problem for the country. Not only the destination is receiving backlash online but Indians are simply saying no to travel to this country, even after having scheduled holiday plans. Interestingly, a significant part of Maldives’s economy is dependent on travellers visiting from India. All the flak and backlash and noticeable cancellations of vacations are indeed concerning for the country.

But what about insurance? With so many people calling off their plans to fly to the Maldives, will everyone receive their claims? There needs to be valid reasons to claim a holiday cancellation. The set of rules and regulations signifies whether someone is eligible to receive the insurance claim. This specific claim will not be permissible if the reason behind cancelling travel plans to the Maldives does not match the reasons in the document, according to a report by MoneyControl.

Ambrish Dubey is the Vice President of Travel at Tata AIG General Insurance and he recently talked about cancellations and insurance claims. Holidays cancelled by oneself or self-induced ones are not generally covered as cancellations by insurance. Such individual reasons to simply cancel a holiday are not covered usually.

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Can Anyone Claim Insurance At All?

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The process and reasons behind making a claim have several guidelines. If any traveller needs to cancel holidays due to unfortunate reasons such as falling sick, getting injured, being hospitalised, or someone from their families facing such issues, they can specify all these as these are proper valid reasons.

Cancellation For Any Reason coverage might be helpful for some to receive the insurance claim. Travellers are allowed to simply cancel their plans and request a claim. It will be admissible if any visitor has considered this coverage while cancelling their Maldives vacations. But there will be terms and conditions behind this. In addition to everything, there will be an additional premium for this.

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What are your views on this?

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