Unique Ways To Welcome 2019

by Kritika Kukreja
Unique Ways To Welcome 2019

Not a party soul? Well, its pretty difficult to find a way of unwinding for new year’s eve. But don’t you worry because there are tons of ways in which you can welcome 2019 without having to grind in the crowd, or going through noisy parties. Here are 5 ways in which you can spend NYE –

1. Go On A Camping Trip

Looking for a NYE getaway? Here’s a unique experience by Moonstone Hammock, a campground located in Karjat district of Maharashtra to celebrate your Christmas and New Year’s in respiteaway from the chaos of urban life.  campsite surrounded by nature’s true calling with bunking in floating tents on a river to hanging high in the trees. winter camping session to send chills down your spine with their on-going adventure and mesmerizing activities, ‘White Nights’ is here to occupy you the entire holiday season and give you an offbeat experience on New Year’s.

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Where: Moonstone Hammock, Shelu, Karjat, Maharashtra

2. Head To A Beach Destination

We believe that the best way to bring in a New Year is to eat, drink and dance your way into it. Crisp weather, warm waters, and energetic atmosphere seems like a perfect setting during this time of year. India boasts a coastline of more than 7500 kilometres, offering some of the best beaches the world has seen. Whatever your way of bringing in the New Year be, whether you wish to bid goodbye to the year gone by in solitude, or if you plan to party till you drop, there are best beach places in India.

3. Indulge In Diving For An Adrenaline Rush

Mysteries locked, species undiscovered, deep ends and a paradise laying under the bright blue waters – nope, this is not a supernatural place, the oceans are cryptic enough to pull you in and take you to a whole new world. How do you best explore this gigantic aquatic heaven? Diving. Yes, scuba diving is probably the best way to explore the big blue sea. And India happens to have some exotic locations where you can get all the right amount of doses of Vitamin Sea! So head out for the long weekend and spend your time diving into the deep blue waters in India for a smashing near year!

Explore the vibrant underwater life at Havelock. Source: Tripoto

4. Get All The Winter Chills In India

December has kicked in and so has the urge to cuddle in warm blankets and drink hot chocolate. However, taking longer leaves seems to take precedence! Sadly, a large part of India does not experience snowfall. But should that stop you from getting all the chills? Absolutely not. You worked all year. You deserve this! So, head out to the hills for this festive season! Keep your leave application ready and some warm clothes too!

5. Head Out For A Romantic Getaway With Bae

Does the idea of just absconding with your lover sound just insanely romantic and tempting to you right now? The well-planned town of Lavasa will instantly transport you to Italy, we kid you not! So, what are you waiting for? Just jump into the front seat with bae and enjoy the experience of a 195 km road trip across the Pune Highway.

Lavasa, near Pune