International Air Tickets To Drop By 40% Making Your Holiday Dreams Come True!

by Sanjana Shenoy
International Air Tickets To Drop By 40% Making Your Holiday Dreams Come True!

After a hiatus of two long years, India is all set to resume its operations for international travel. Following the government’s announcement to resume regular international flights from March 27, airfares are expected to drop by 40%. So far, airlines could only operate a limited number of flights under bubble arrangements with certain countries. The limited capacity made the airfares shoot up by 100%.  But, if you’re planning to travel abroad, do check out the new travel advisory laid out before booking flight tickets.

DGCA Lays Out Advisory

Aviation regulator DGCA has urged airlines to make sure that the airfares listed on metasearch engine websites don’t exceed the ones displayed on the carriers’ websites. Passengers are also asked to check the airfare from the website of the concerned airline instead of the metasearch engine websites, as they don’t reflect the actual point to point fare. Moreover, they also don’t create combinations of multiple airlines that end up with an exaggerated figure. Here’s what both passengers and airlines need to keep in mind.

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Passengers Must Book International Flight Tickets Through Websites Of The Airlines For Accurate Airfares

The Mint report further reveals that India’s domestic flights had lower and upper limits on airfares over the past few months. But there have been no such limits imposed on international airfares. This is because scheduled international commercial flights have been suspended in India since March 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic. Since upper bucket economy and business class seats are available now, airfares show a massive uptick in ticket booking websites. With this new travel, advisory passengers must check the websites of the airlines when booking tickets instead of metasearch engine sites that show higher airfares. Meanwhile, here’s a beginner’s guide to boarding an international flight.