10 International Destinations For A Perfect Friend’s Getaway

by Tania Tarafdar
10 International Destinations For A Perfect Friend’s Getaway

Solo trips are great for self-discovery, and family trips are fun, but there is nothing that quite matches up to getting away with friends. There’s nostalgia, inside jokes, laughing, epic playlists dance parties, junk food, and photographers who know your best angles. While 2020 has been lacklustre in terms of travel, there are so many cool places to explore with your gang after the pandemic that are adventurous, affordable, relaxing, and freakin’ beautiful. So, whether you want to dance away nights or enjoy spa days, here is the ultimate list of international destinations to enjoy with your friends.

1. Reykjavik, Iceland

Fancy an exotic spa? Go to Iceland. Besides being known for Icelandic horses, puffins, and breathtaking glaciers, Iceland is most famous for its Blue Lagoon spa. The geothermic seawater oasis experience screams friends’ trip. If you are lucky, you might even see the northern lights! Here are 5 Amazing Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Friends.

vatna glacier iceland
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2. Barcelona, Spain

The question is never what should you do in Spain, it’s how much time do you have! Apart from the quick list of attractions that you must check out,: Park Güell, Gothic Quarter, La Sagrada Familia, you must also catch the traditional flamenco show at Tarantos Club Barcelona. The tapas, chocolate and churros are a must, as is a trip to the Barcelona beach. World Tapas Day Celebration With Food & History Of Spain | Curly Tales.

3. Austin, Texas

Are you looking for a wild country weekend with your gang? If the US is on your mind, you must go to Austin. Put on your flannel shirt and your boots because you will be line dancing from one club to the next in no time. World’s First Amusement Park For Disabled People Opens Up In Texas!

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4. Aruba

Water sports activities? Check. Lazy day at the beach? Check. Fascinating sunsets? Book your tickets for Oranjestad, the capital of Aruba. There are also many private beaches in the city where you can spend your day making friends with flamingos! You can either stay at the resorts for direct access to a private beach or buy passes.  Here are 26 Countries That Have Opened & Are Opening Up For Tourism Again Rather Cautiously.

5. Folegandros, Greece

Santorini is already a hugely popular and overcrowded travel destination, so why not head to the island of Folegandros with your gang? With stunning views, crystal clear waters, untouched beaches and Greece’s signature whitewashed towns, you and your group will genuinely get away from it all here. Do not miss out on the classic Mediterranean dishes like gyros, homemade baklava, chicken and orzo. Greece Hotels Reduce Resort Prices To ₹940 Per Night.

Picture Credits: Preveza, Greece

6. Tuscany

Nestled in the Italian countryside, Tuscany is the place to be with your friends. It offers mouth-watering food, endless relaxation and, of course, barrels and barrels of wine. With the city of Florence right around the corner and Roma and Venice a short train ride away, there is no shortage of things to do. Sign up for a pasta-making class, squash some grapes to make your wine, or go truffle picking! An Italian Village Submerged Under Water Might Resurface After 25 Years


7. Cusco, Peru

If you are looking for some offbeat travel destination, Cusco is the place. The beautiful city is surrounded by Inca ruins, exquisite architecture and Peruvian Andes Mountains. A day trip to Machu Picchu is easily accessible, but you will be staying for Peru’s delicious cuisine and llamas that freely roam the city streets! Calling all the food lovers. Have You Seen The Gorgeous Red River In Cusco, Peru?

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8. Thailand

Thailand is a popular destination for Indians, but no matter how crowded it is, it can be more than worth it. Plan day trips to Wat Arun, Koh Phi Phi, and the Damneon Saduak Floating Market to immerse yourselves in the beautiful culture further. While there, be aware of strict dress codes when entering places of historical importance and worship. A Thailand trip cannot be organised or thrown together at the last minute. So plan ahead! Thailand To Remain Closed To Travellers Until 2021.

Thailand to waiver visa feesThailand to waiver visa fees
Thailand to waiver visa fees

9. Montreal, Canada

If you are in the mood for some exploration, head to Montreal. Known for its impressive architecture, Montreal might be the boost you and your friends need. With scenic city views from Mount Royal to taking in the beauty of Notre-Dame Basilica, you will never be bored on this trip. When there, be sure you try some poutine. Here’s How To Spend 48 Hours In Montreal.

10. London, England

Home to the royal family, tea time and so much history, London is a great vacation spot for sightseeing. Plus, if you and your gang love to shop, this is the place to be! High street shopping complexes and all-day dining restaurants, London defines class! Go On An Epic Bus Journey From Delhi To London In 70 Days Covering 18 Countries.

Pack your bags already!