Greece Hotels Reduce Resort Prices To ₹940 Per Night

by Kanika Sharma
Greece Hotels Reduce Resort Prices To ₹940 Per Night

As the tourism industry is bouncing slowly, but not so steadily, countries are trying various ways to attract tourists. Some are coming up with sponsored trips, others are offering to provide free Covid tests on arrivals. Greece, however, has gone a step further. Hotels in Greece are offering stay at hotels for as less as £11 a night. This amounts to ₹940 per night, which is quite cheap. Why are they doing that? Read on to know more.

Hotels In Greece Will Now Be Available For ₹940 A Night

According to a media report that was released in the United Kingdom, it is believed that in order to entice tourists, hotels and resorts in Greece are now offering stay options at throwaway prices. They have slashed their price by almost 40 percent. This had led to stays costing as low as £11 (₹940) a night. As per a recent report in New York Times, the traffic and the tourists at the Athens airport is 75 percent less than what it got last year. This has been a major set back on the industry that thrives on tourism.

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Though the country is not open for tourists from around the world, it is aiming to attract people from select destinations like the UK. Even though, recently, many people flocked the beaches in the UK amid pandemic, but moving out of the country seems like a far fetched reality for them.

India Not On The List Of UK’s Low-Risk Nations

With more than 9 lakh cases, India is now among those countries worst-hit by the coronavirus. At present, India has about 936000 confirmed cases with nearly 24309 deaths. On the brighter side, the recovery rate in the country is also on the surge. The total number of recovered coronavirus patients in India is about 592000. However, the figures clearly suggest that India cannot be categorized among the low-risk nations now. A few days before, Europe had also opened up to tourists from 14 countries. India was not included on the updated list.