5 Amazing Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Friends

by Sanjana Shenoy
5 Amazing Reasons Why You Must Travel With Your Friends

Family is what you create and not always what you’re born into. As we traverse in the path of life, few fortunate ones are blessed with amazing friends. And travelling with friends is definitely something that you must have done unless you’re living under a rock. Even this pandemic did not prevent us from hanging out with our friends, even if its a virtual hangout session. Sometimes a good company is all that you need and when combined with a perfect travel itinerary, what more can you ask for?  This means even if you have to make friends while travelling. So in case you need more reasons or you just want to dwell down the path of nostalgia, here are 5 amazing reasons why you must travel with your friends.

1. An Opportunity To Know Each Other Deeper Without Any Distractions

Travelling with friends opens up the avenue for deeper discussions. On normal days, a lot is left unsaid in between meetings and chores. But a planned trip or even a spontaneous one is a time away from any distraction. And this really helps people bond over shared memories and experiences. Also, going deeper can be a good thing or a bad one because you may get to know something about your friends during your travel, that might definitely make you love them even more. So give your best friend a big warm hug or even a virtual one!

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2. Adjusting While Travelling Is Way Easier

We might assume ourselves to be the most easy-going person ever but our friends know us in ways we can only imagine. And that is the beauty of friendship, we may be intricately different but we still bond through thick and thin. This also presents us with the chance to understand that like any relationships, friendships too calls for adjustments and especially when travelling! So when it comes to the littlest decisions like where to eat to the bigger ones like travel budget, reaching a mid-ground with your friends will always be an easy task. And this is just one of the amazing reasons why you must travel with your friends.

3. You Can Unabashedly Be Yourself Around Them

One of the most rewarding experience is to be absolutely yourself around your BFF’s. no masks (other than the facemasks) remain on and you can be absolutely weird around them. You don’t even have to give a second thought while being all crazy around them. You’re puking your lungs out after a night of drinking? No problem your bestie will hold your hair for you. Are you remembering your painful breakup while travelling? Not an issue your pyaara yaar shall play the Arijit Singh songs for you. Friends bring out the real person in us after all. Whether it’s about taking idiotic selfies or acting funny in a serious situation, laughing uncontrollably or simply exploring the world; everything is a gift with them.

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4. Crafting The Best Stories

Inside jokes are one of the pillars of friendship and the longer the friendship, the more bag full of jokes to laugh at any time. Vacationing presents a perfect chance to relive all those wonderful memories and also make some more. Going on crazy adventures or simply lazing around can be wonderful when you’re with the right people. That is what makes those memories special, it is the people who infuse life into them and travelling presents a kaleidoscope of memories to create. When you travel you’d have crazy hangover stories, trekking adventures, budget hostel mishaps and whatnot. So in order to craft new stories and make more memories, you must travel with your besties.

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5. A Familial Bond In An Unknown Destination

A foreign land can be daunting when you’re all alone. But with friends by your side, it is much like every other challenge. You all smile and lift each other. Then travelling becomes a scope of learning and you carry a part of your familiarity with you which centres you always. We feel good friends are like coffee, they wake you up to the dawn of life. Travelling is the vista then, upon which you gaze and enjoy life, one sip at a time. And if people believe blood is thicker than water, then let’s just remind them that just like blood water also sustains life. So whether your friends are like your glass of refreshing water or your shot of energizing coffee, remember that they are the perfect travel companions you can ever wish for.

While reading this article, we’re sure you went down the memory lane, remembering your insane travel adventure with your buddies, slowing chucking and wondering when would the next one be. Well, for now, remember those amazing moments and start planning your next trip already with your chaddi buddies!