Top 5 Easy Tips To Make Friends While Travelling That Will Double The Fun

tips to make friends while travelling
by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 292

You might think that picturesque locations and delicious food make travelling a rewarding experience. You’re partly right. But actually, the people you meet along the way, make travel the blissful experience that it is. Exploring new destinations through the eyes of a local, sharing stories and creating memories with fellow travellers are just some of the ways you can form lifelong bonds of friendship while travelling. So how can you make friends while vacationing? How do you break the ice with random strangers? Well, let’s help you with that. Here are 5 super cool tips to make friends while travelling.

1. Start A Conversation With Your Fellow Passengers During Transit

Whether you travel by air, bus or rail you’re bound to meet really interesting people from different walks of life. But you’re probably too lost in your phone, to notice. So the next time you travel, remove your earphones, put your phone down and smile at your fellow passenger. Greet him or her, introduce yourself and SMILE! That’s all it takes to strike up a conversation. You might not always have an adorable conversation starter or get the response you wanted, but what’s the harm in trying right! During your journey, talk about travel. If the passenger is a local ask for tips to explore the city. And who knows, you just took the first step in forming a lifelong bond with a stranger from another part of the continent.

tips to make friends while travelling

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2. Bunk In Hostels Instead Of Plush Hotels

Socializing has never been easier than staying in a charming little hostel. The luxury, comfort and privacy of a hotel might definitely attract you like a magnet. But if you genuinely want to make friends, then staying in a hostel is an amazing idea. Even if you’re travelling with a friend, both of you can have an adventure of your own by bunking in a hostel. Sharing a dorm room with other travellers is not just a shared room experience. It’s a shared experience of cultures, traditions and stories. You can find many interesting travellers from all across the world looking to meet new people. Hang around in common areas, join hostel activities, volunteer to do chores and share meals together. You will definitely discover a whole new, beautiful world to travel than what you ever imagined.

3. Opt For A Group Tour

Solo travel can be fun and liberating, undoubtedly. Travelling with friends and family is also amazing. But then again, it can be really nice to be part of a group tour or a trekking group where you can have the opportunity to meet and interact with different people. The group tours are usually planned and charted off well in advance. So you don’t have to sweat out making an itinerary and taking care of your expenses. Instead, channelize all that energy to meet and interact with your fellow travel companions. Hang around with them, take part in activities together and voila, you’d have made great friends by the end of your group tour. This is one of the best tips to make friends while travelling.

tips to make friends while travelling

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4. Learn The Lingo To Make Local Friends When Travelling

No one knows a destination as well as a local. No Google, no travel website can ever replace the joy of exploring a place through the eyes of a local. So no matter how much you plan you’re itinerary and do your research beforehand, its always advisable to befriend locals who’ll help you immerse in the culture of the place the through their knowledge. One of the best ways to make local friends is to learn the lingo. English might help you get through alot of places. Yet, if you wish to form deeper bonds with people learn some basic phrases and lingos in the local language. You will definitely earn brownie points from the folks around. And who knows you can even get the opportunity to visit their homes, dine with them and share travel stories.

5. Make Way For Spontaneity & Positivity

Planning your trip and your itinerary to that tee is great. But it is always advisable to leave some room for spontaneity. Because, if you plan every minute of every day of your trip, it will you stressed and you might lose out on a lot of opportunities. So leave some room for spontaneity. This way you have time to strike conversations with strangers and make spontaneous plans to explore the city together. More importantly, always keep a positive and friendly attitude while travelling. It doesn’t kill to smile. And sometimes, simple eye contact and a wide smile can make way for unexpected friendships during your travel. The key to making friends while travelling is definitely a pinch of spontaneity and oodles of positivity!

tips to make friends while travelling

So these were some of our super cool tips to make friends while travelling. They are simple, easy to follow and you will definitely have a rewarding travel experience.

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