International Travellers Flying To India Must Fill Air Suvidha Form Before Reaching Airport

by Sanmita A
International Travellers Flying To India Must Fill Air Suvidha Form Before Reaching Airport

If you’re coming down to India for a trip or flying home from abroad, there is a little hard work you need to do before boarding the plane. This might come as a shocker, but the Indian Government has made it mandatory for visitors entering the country to fill out the Air Suvidha form. The form needs to be completed before you reach the airport. It might seem unnecessary, but you have to do it to help the government keep track of visitors’ health statuses. Find out more –

Why Fill The Air Suvidha Form?

The Air Suvidha form will help the government track every visitors’ health status, keeping the Covid-19 pandemic in focus. Reportedly, many flyers were unaware of the formalities that had them face severe inconveniences. And, people are usually informed of the Air Suvidha formalities only after arrival at the airport. Therefore, if you wish to avoid all the hassles, make sure you fill out the Air Suvidha form in advance.

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Fill Out The Form In Advance

Reports further suggest that many flyers have even missed their flights on being unable to produce the Air Suvidha form. Well, before that take a look at all the formalities you’ve to complete before you head to India –

Firstly, go through if at all you’d need to produce a negative RT-PCR report. This will mostly depend on the country you’re travelling from.

  • There are no rigid timings. You can fill out the form any time in advance.
  • There are a number of documents which you need to keep ready before you start filling out the forms.
  • Take a look at the document list –
  • The right flight details with the seat number.
  • Basic passport details
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • RT-PCR Test Reports
  • The documents have to be uploaded as PDFs.
  • After submitting the forms, you’ll receive a number on your registered email id.

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